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LEGO Group reaches 100% renewable energy target 3 years ahead of schedule

LEGO's announcement comes thanks to the completion and operationalization of the 258 megawatt Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm.

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Here’s an energy data idea to help consumers: ‘Voltage Watch’

How many expensive electronic appliances and devices in our homes are being harmed or destroyed by faulty voltage in our electricity supply system?

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Tech giants lead corporate push to 100% renewables

Move over utilities: Five of America’s largest tech companies have signed PPAs for nearly 3,100MW from renewable resources.

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The energy revolution is here – but are consumers invited?

Early adopters of rooftop solar, and now battery storage, have got Australia's energy revolution well underway. But what's in it for those of us still smarting from a 200% increase in power bills? And how can we make the new energy market a fair one?

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Why electric vehicles are the new air conditioners

EVs are quickly becoming one of the largest flexible loads on the grid in some areas, with growth that parallels the increase in numbers of air conditioners years ago.

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Cities across USA continue to commit to 100% renewable electricity

Hello Solar put together an interactive map documenting all of the cities in the US that have committed to moving to 100% renewable energy.

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Get data before spending up on home energy infrastructure

I'm not sure batteries are a club that I or any other home energy consumer should be rushing to join... At least not until some of the fog clears.

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Why every Australian town should have its own wind or solar farm

Imagining an Australia where every town is running off its own renewable energy projects is slowly becoming a reality, and the Victorian Government is on the case.

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Monash Uni tenders for new wind or solar farm in Australian first

Monash Uni offers long-term contract for 55GWh of new wind or solar in Australia's biggest non-government renewables tender, to date.

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Redflow suspends battery delivery so it can address product failures

ASX-listed battery maker Redflow discovers electrolyte problems at pivotal time of home battery storage roll-out.

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