German battery giant Sonnen teams with Australian solar tile maker to take on Tesla

German battery maker Sonnen in new partnership with Australian roofing company that is set to launch its own integrated solar tile.

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Stunning new lows in cost of large scale solar and battery storage

New contract signed in Arizona reveals record low price for large scale solar in US, and a stunning reduction in the price of battery storage. The new combined solar and storage deal of below 4.5c/kWh cuts previous prices by more than 60 per cent and is far cheaper than a peaking gas plant.

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Enphase may add back-up capability to batteries as sales fall short

Enphase concedes it won't meet its ambitious sales targets for its first year, as many consumers wait for further price falls. But it is considering adding "back-up" capacity in its next generation product.

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Redflow admits it can’t match lithium batteries on price in home market

Flow battery storage manufacturer Redflow abandons bulk home battery market due to price issues, to focus on bigger installations in commercial, industrial and off-grid sector.

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How many Teslas does it take to black out an apartment block?

City of Sydney backs study by local start-up, Wattblock, into how Australia's apartment buildings will accommodate – and power – mass EV uptake.

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Horizon Power extends WA off-grid solar and storage trial

WA network operator to take more remote regional customers off grid, with solar, battery storage and back-up diesel, after success of 2016 pilot.

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AusNet trial successfully takes part of Melbourne suburb off-grid

Eight homes successfully separated from main electricity grid and operated as stand-alone solar and battery storage powered mini-grid, in Melbourne trial.

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The energy revolution is here – but are consumers invited?

Early adopters of rooftop solar, and now battery storage, have got Australia's energy revolution well underway. But what's in it for those of us still smarting from a 200% increase in power bills? And how can we make the new energy market a fair one?

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Redflow resumes battery storage deliveries, scores biggest sale

Redflow says it has resumed deliveries after solving a problem with impurities, and has also secured its large contract - for a Pacific Islands hybrid storage installation.

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Ergon adds new retail tariff to home solar and storage trial

Qld solar and storage trial goes into third phase, with new retail product – Tariff 14 – designed to help guide customer energy consumption.

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