NSW solar rebate a success for community

The much criticised NSW solar bonus scheme is due to end soon. It cost a lot less than feared - 50c/week to households - and laid the foundations for a clean energy industry.

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Adelaide solar leasing scheme targets rental, low-income market for rooftop PV

City of Adelaide solar initiative will remove upfront costs and provide payment plans for city's low-income and rental households, in effort to extend rooftop PV uptake – and savings – beyond the traditional market.

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Why people come together in community energy projects

How can public acceptance of utility projects be increased? Policymakers want to allow citizens to invest in such projects, but the focus is insufficient. Citizens want more than just financial benefits.

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A cautionary tale on rooftop solar: who pays the price for weak industry regulations?

When a now defunct solar company installed non-genuine solar panels on nearly 200 homes in regional NSW and Qld, Greenbank – the aggregator of the solar credits for those panels – stepped in to right the wrong, despite having no hand in the blame. The question, now, is who will stop it from happening again?

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Victoria looks to accelerate rooftop solar by cutting red tape

State government acts to make it quicker and easier for Victorian households and small businesses wishing to install rooftop solar, with Bill that will reduce the wait for connection by up to 55 days.

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Why Australians hate their energy utilities more than most

Australians hate their energy utilities more than most other countries. That poses a big challenge for the traditional utilities trying to break into the behind-the-metre market inside homes and businesses.

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Thousands sign petition for mandatory rooftop solar on new homes

An online petition calling on Australia’s federal and state governments to make rooftop solar mandatory for all new-build houses has attracted nearly 12,000 signatures in just one week.

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Victorian life-saving clubs to go solar in bid to cut costs

Victorian Life Saving clubs can now apply for state government grants to install solar PV after the launch of a $500,000 funding program this week.

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How equity crowd-funding could transform the community energy sector

How equity crowd-funding reform – if done appropriately could open the floodgates to the community energy sector.

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NSW town provides blueprint for 100% renewable energy communities

Blueprint for NSW town of Uralla says getting to majority renewables can be relatively easy, and save a lot of money. Getting to 100% renewables, however, will be harder. But it seems lots of towns want to try.

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