Australia installs 98MW rooftop solar in August – soaring above 6GW total

Solar party continues. Latest data shows 98MW of rooftop solar PV was installed on Australian homes and businesses in August.

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What city planners can do for people missing out on renewables

Not everyone can afford to pay for solar panels up front, or have roofs to put them on, but local planners can help disadvantaged households overcome energy poverty in several ways.

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EnergyAustralia rolls Redback smart solar platform out to customers

EnergyAustralia and Redback Technologies launch smart solar energy management system that could save customers $1,500 a year on electricity bills.

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Solar Insiders Podcast September 6

Solar jumps 6GW benchmark; and why, some solar mea-culpas, and some crazy stories that illustrate why consumers struggle to understand their energy needs.

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Energy Queensland taps people power to shore up summer grid

As the federal government continues to court coal, state-owned Energy Queensland has partnered with Melbourne tech start-up GreenSync to tap state's distributed renewable energy customers, including the nearly 30% of homes with rooftop solar, and create a virtual power plant ahead of peak summer demand.

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City of Fremantle set to build solar farm on landfill site

Fremantle City says it is proceeding with negotiations to install up to 2MW of solar on a former landfill site, as part of plan to be 100% renewable by 2025.

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Community retailer Enova to buy and sell rooftop solar power

NSW community-owned retailer to buy excess rooftop solar from customers, as well as from local community solar farms and gardens, to sell on to other customers who can't generate solar themselves.

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Coal city Newcastle prepares tender for 5MW solar farm

Eight companies short-listed to tender for job to develop, operate 5MW solar farm on former landfill site at Newcastle.

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Busting the solar ceiling: The fight for millions of Australians locked out of rooftop solar

New data has shown that in North Sydney, alone, 74% of residents can’t access solar because they are renters or live in apartment buildings. But there are ways to solve the problem – as well as new companies making it their mission.

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Hybrid office building in Adelaide cuts cord to electricity grid

Fluid Solar's Adelaide HQ - powered by a combination of thermal and battery storage, along with solar PV and wind energy - has cut its connection to the grid in what its owners claim to be a world first.

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