Rooftop solar installer caught out for fraudulent STC creation

Clean energy regulator takes action against solar company found to have installed rooftop PV systems without compliant Certificates of Electrical Safety.

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Some initial musings about my own rooftop solar learning exercise

Managing huge distributed energy generation data volumes is a challenge for industry and consumers alike. But it also represents a big opportunity to do things better.

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Flinders Island makes switch to renewables, with solar, wind and energy storage Hub

Flinders Island's Hybrid Energy Hub – with 900kW wind, 200kW solar PV plus battery storage and a flywheel – is already taking the previously diesel powered Tasmanian island to levels of 80% renewables, and should manage to supply 100 per cent of demand before the year is out.

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Tonga gives solar the royal treatment, in bid to lead shift to 100% renewables

The King of Tonga is putting solar on his Royal Palace, in a move intended to symbolise the "wider leadership” small island states are showing on renewables, and on fighting climate change. But is Australia listening?

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Solar Insiders Podcast November 1

Energy minister Josh Frydenberg admits he hasn’t got rooftop solar, shame on him, while our expert panel looks at the best and worst in monitoring.

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“Shame on you:” Frydenberg admits he doesn’t have rooftop solar

Malcolm Turnbull has it, Parliament House has it, even Cory Bernardi has it! But not our federal energy and environment minister. A 60 Minutes interview on Sunday revealed that Josh Frydenberg has not installed rooftop solar at his family home – and why.

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We need to talk about rooftop solar

So you've installed rooftop solar – but is it performing as well as you expected? Consumers are being urged to share system problems, inefficiencies or faults via a new APVI web-based survey, to help improve the quality of PV system components, installations and system designs.

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Solar and battery microgrid powers farm through California wildfires

When an islanded microgrid at Stone Edge Farm near Sonoma kept operating for 10 days through California fires and grid outages, the operators seized the opportunity to learn as much as possible from the surprises they encountered.

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Qld family goes off grid with solar and 60kWh Redflow ZCell battery bank

A Queensland family has installed Australia's largest residential Redflow ZCell battery system, alongside 18.7kW of rooftop solar, to take their home off grid.

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Queensland has 14 postcodes where 50% of homes have rooftop solar

Rooftop solar is now on more than 50 per cent of homes in 14 different postcodes across Queensland, according to a new Climate Council report.

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