One-quarter of Australian homes now have solar

Roy Morgan research shows almost one in four Australian households own solar panels – almost one-third in South Australia.

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Sonnen set to launch “free power” battery storage offer

German battery maker set to roll out Sonnenflat offer in Australia, which – like a mobile phone plan – charges a "flat" rate for solar and battery storage, electricity included.

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As one home heads off grid… many more are choosing not to connect

One home in the heart of the Latrobe Valley goes off grid. But more than half of the new homes in the area are not even bothering to connect to the network in the first place, using rooftop PV and storage to look after their own needs.

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Should “invisible” rooftop PV be discouraged?

The boom of solar in Australia is great, but traditional PV systems are essentially invisible to our networks and our markets. And that's problematic.

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Solar and battery storage to power Victorian coal mine museum

In neat illustration of the clean energy transition, a Victorian NGO has won state government funding to power a historic coal mine site with solar and battery storage.

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SA Water tenders for solar and battery storage to manage high power prices

SA Water Corporation seeks to build grid-connected, rooftop solar PV system of more than 100kW, plus 50kWh battery storage system and “smart controls.”

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Australia battery market hots up, as Sonnen inks major distribution deal

Sonnen announces key Australian distribution deal as it prepares to roll out its potentially game-changing sonnenFlat solar + battery storage offer.

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WA garnet miner to build 3MW solar, wind, battery storage plant

GMA Garnet in WA becomes latest Australian big energy user to turn to renewables and battery storage for a cheaper, more reliable power supply.

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Payback vs rates of return: How to judge the value of your rooftop solar

In most cases, investing in a domestic solar PV system or in energy savings measures has become a positive financial investment. The question is: how good is the investment?

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U.S. mayors defy Trump, back plans for 100 per cent renewable power

“Climate change may be the challenge of our generation, but it is also the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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