Enphase battery storage sales commence in Australia, NZ

Enphase Energy's 1.2kWh residential battery storage system has officially gone on sale in Australia, ahead of the first shipment, expected in August.

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Why smart software is cheaper way to profit from solar than battery storage

Australia's Redback Technologies says its new generation smart investors can dramatically improve self consumption and payback times for rooftop solar, and optimise use of battery storage systems.

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My new house is a huge energy consumer. What to do?

My new house consumers a shocking amount of electricity. What to do, and how to negotiate the different technologies and options to reduce my bill.

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A good look at the economics of solar PV and storage

Let’s remove the emotion for a minute and take a close look at the economics of the decision whether or not to get a solar PV and battery system.

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Community renewables to get $98.7m in Labor climate plan

Federal Opposition's newly launched Climate Action Plan will put nearly $100m towards developing a Community Power Network and a series of "regional hubs,” as well as an annual competitive grants program.

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Updated: Ranking the best battery storage options for households in Australia

More battery storage products are flooding on to the market each week. Here, we identify which brands and devices stand out on cost per kWh.

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Solar in half of all houses in some states, one third of business

Around half of all available homes in some states already have rooftop solar, but the percentage for businesses is much lower, despite the obvious advantages of solar during work hours.

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Rooftop solar plus battery storage: “a train nobody can stop”

Trina Solar chief scientist Pierre Verlinden sees a future where 100 per cent of suitable households will have rooftop solar. And if "the utility is getting difficult", they will install battery storage, too.

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Why most commercial PV sales don’t proceed (and what to do about it)…

It’s a well-established trend: the Australian solar industry is increasingly turning to sales of commercial PV systems.

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Simon Hackett takes delivery of big battery array, charges up office and Tesla

Simon Hackett takes delivery of 660kWh Redflow battery system at his Adelaide headquarters, giving company four days of power, and solar charging for his Tesla.

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