Snow and solar at 1280m – does it really work?

How effective is a standalone solar system in areas that experience snowfall? We asked Ed and Laurie, off-gridding Americans who live, and grow most of their own veggies, at 1280m above sea level.

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ABC news legend dumps diesel as he turns to solar + storage

Former ABC presenter started off with diesel only in his off-grid home, but recently added solar and storage. And learned some big lessons.

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Community energy retailer aims to be Australia’s cheapest, help people quit grid

NSW community energy start-up Enova prepares IPO, with plans to be Australia's cheapest green energy retailer and installer, and even to help locals quit the grid.

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The Top 6 mistakes people make when buying solar systems

By having multiple companies give you a breakdown on how much solar will cost you, you can gain a real understanding of whether solar is right for your budget, and whether or not you’re being ripped off.

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Introducing One Step Off The Grid

RenewEconomy is proud to introduce its new consumer-focused publication, One Step Off The Grid - helping households, businesses and communities navigate the energy revolution.

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The car wash company saving heaps on energy and water costs

With a few changes, a focus on efficiency and solar panels, the Ballina car wash's electricity bills are down from $6,700 to $2,300. Water consumption in the Lazer Wash is down by 50 per cent.

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Why bigger businesses are joining rush to add rooftop solar PV

Large businesses often cut good deals for electricity from utilities, but rooftop solar is now offering returns of 18% per annum, and the market is poised to boom.

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19 graphs that explain solar panels for home owners (+maps)

A quick and simple visual explainer of solar panels for home owners.

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It’s cold in my house and the price of gas is going up – what can I do?

With gas prices rising, many people are shivering while contemplating how big their next gas bill will be. A switch to electricity is one option.

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City of Sydney, property groups push regulator to allow shared energy

City of Sydney, Property Council call on AEMC to change rules governing electricity supply to incentivise shared, local distributed energy generation.

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