Shepparton council set to go solar, as PV farm plans remain in limbo

City of Greater Shepparton awards tender to install solar across council buildings; awaits state govt decision on 250MW of proposed solar farms.

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Solar rebate debate: It’s nothing to do with men in tights

The idea that solar rebates are a "Reverse Robin Hood" mechanism is entirely incorrect. Rather, they empower the solar industry to offer real solutions for those most in need.

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Solar installed on 500 public housing homes in Queensland, focus turns to rental market

Qld govt scheme installs rooftop solar on 350 low-income homes in Cairns and Rockhampton, 130 in Lockhart River. Households expected to save up to $250 a year.

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It takes a village: How community will make (or break) shift to renewables

Two separate reports illustrate the vital role communities will play in the success – or failure – of Australia's shift to a renewable energy powered grid.

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Hundreds of Queensland state schools to go solar

Qld govt to fund solar and energy efficiency roll out across around 800 state schools, in bid to cut the collective energy bill by 20%.

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WA suburb to trial community battery ‘bank’ for rooftop solar deposits

A new Community Power Bank scheme led by WA utility Western Power will allow local solar homes to store their excess generation in a shared battery.

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Regional Victoria council adds 14.5kW solar system, on path to zero carbon

Mount Alexander Shire to install 14.5kW solar PV on heritage listed visitor centre building, as part of zero carbon 2025 goal.

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Victoria town’s breakthrough deal on network tariffs as it pursues 100% renewables

Central Victoria town achieves a breakthrough deal on network tariffs that could pave the way for a community solar farm and 100 per cent renewable energy within a few years.

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A 2GW solar farm – for farmers: India launches “world’s largest” solar park

India's newly inaugurated Pavagada Solar Park looks at farmers as key partners, and also key beneficiaries of the world-leading 2GW project.

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NSW regional council weighs building its own solar grid

NSW shire of Parkes to explore feasibility of building its own “virtual solar network,” based on existing PV investments and future solar and storage installs.

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