Off grid vs network-connected: A Queensland community divided

A Daintree Rainforest community's decades long campaign to get network supplied power has caught the attention of the federal energy minister and ARENA. But not all of the community's residents are on board with the idea, and say off-grid living is the way to go.

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Stanford University completes 4.5MW of rooftop solar

The addition of solar panels at 15 new buildings means Stanford’s Silicon Valley campus has added 4.5MW of renewable energy to its local grid.

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Zero net energy ordinance coming to a city near you

The city of Lancaster is setting an example for a zero net energy future community. The question is: Why is this not the law of the land everywhere?

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Victoria investigates potential for solar and pumped hydro at former mining centres

Some of Victoria’s key former gold and coal mining centres targeted by $1m fund to support development of community renewables, and solar and pumped hydro.

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Norfolk Island has “too much solar, now it wants storage

Cash-strapped Norfolk Island looking to storage to mop up excess solar PV, reduce growing “solar debt” and slash its high electricity costs.

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Frustrated by high power bills, Colorado City turns to clean energy

Frustrated by bloated power bills and frequent shutoffs, citizens of Pueblo have lobbied the city council to abandon natural gas and switch to more affordable renewable energy.

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Ausgrid seeks feedback on EV charging patterns, consumer needs

NSW network operator has launched an "information gathering process" to find out how it can best support EV users – and vice versa.

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Proof we can chew gum, share solar and cut costs at the same time

A heritage listed former chewing gum factory turned apartment complex will use solar PV and behind the meter technology to supply residents with power up to 20% cheaper than retail market.

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Billionaire’s gambit: Why we should accept Musk’s offer

We should embrace Musk's offer, accept it and get cracking with building it while there is so much public enthusiasm and bipartisan support.

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The most sustainable town in America

It was love at first sight for Richard and Robin Kinley. But it took a sunset to seal the deal.

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