Australia installs its first solar farm in Antarctica – a 30kW vertical array

Desert-based renewables outfit Masdar helps install Australia's first Antarctic solar array – a 105 panel system mounted on a wall at the Casey research station.

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Senec tapped to provide home batteries in W.A.’s largest solar + storage microgrid

German-based Senec Australia chosen to supply home battery systems for Horizon Power's cutting edge solar and storage microgrid in the coastal Pilbara town of Onslow.

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Renewable microgrids: For preventing climate change, and powering through it

Catastrophic wildfires in California have prompted a new approach to power, starting with a microgrid that can isolate from the grid and power the fire department.

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WA is swapping 54km of poles and wires for solar and battery storage

Horizon Power is decommissioning 54km of poles and wires and replacing them with 13 Micro Power Systems combining solar, battery storage and a back-up diesel generator.

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Australian miner seeks to power S. African project with 35MW of solar and wind

Orion Minerals appoints juwi Renewables to investigate powering major South African copper and zinc mine with a combination of solar and wind energy.

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Western Power to install 57 stand-alone solar and battery systems at W.A. farms

Plans to fit 57 regional W.A. properties with stand alone solar and battery storage underway, after three companies signed up to deliver the off-grid power systems.

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Battery powered home and car: The fossil fuel era is fading

NSW hinterland luxury rental home with 10kW solar, two Tesla Powerwall batteries, and a Model X EV, seeks to demonstrate Tesla's vision of the new energy and transport future. So how does it shape up?

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Redflow zinc-bromine batteries used to help power remote Thai village

Brisbane based Redflow has supplied 10 of its 10kWh zinc-bromine flow batteries as part of a solar microgrid being used to power a remote Thai village.

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Tales from the solar gutter – the dark side of Australia’s rooftop PV boom

It's boom-time for Australia's rooftop solar sector, but not everything is rosy. We take a glimpse into the world of "crap solar," where helping people to save money on their bills is the last thing on the agenda.

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How to power through a heatwave – in comfort, on 100% solar energy

Does rooftop solar really struggle in the heat? Real data from two rooftop solar systems show how they reliably soldiered on during a recent Adelaide heatwave.

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