Monash Uni tenders for new wind or solar farm in Australian first

Monash Uni offers long-term contract for 55GWh of new wind or solar in Australia's biggest non-government renewables tender, to date.

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New Aussie solar start-up empowering rural farming villages

UK-based company run by Australian solar entrepreneur provides leases for solar in poor rural farming communities.

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Going virtual – not off grid – the solution to 21st Century power

Consumers want to take back control of their power supply, but is going off grid really the best use of solar and storage?

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Stanford University completes 4.5MW of rooftop solar

The addition of solar panels at 15 new buildings means Stanford’s Silicon Valley campus has added 4.5MW of renewable energy to its local grid.

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“Mobile solar” plants to challenge diesel for use in mines, construction sites

Australian developed solar technology that aims to tackle the dominance of diesel generators in the temporary power market will be tested at the 1MW scale in New South Wales, off the back of a new grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

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Has the microgrid industry crossed ‘the chasm’?

The success of two unusual US microgrid projects is good news, but it's still not clear whether microgrids have leapt ‘the chasm’ – a pivotal step in a disruptive technology’s market evolution.

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Off grid on a shoe-string: 30 years of DIY solar and storage

I have been off grid for over 30 years, starting with just one 40W panel made in Australia from American components. Now an age pensioner, I finally have all the appliances I only used to dream of - like an electric fridge, a washing machine, e-bikes and trikes, power tools.

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Off-Grid energy design – consider the variables carefully

Going off-grid is a big step. It requires careful consideration, good design and engaged users.

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The “off-grid” guy is not happy with his off-grid system

“Off-grid guy” Michael Mobbs is so frustrated by the poor performance of his off-grid system in inner Sydney terrace house that he has decided to junk it and is calling for new proposals. It is a salutary lesson for others wishing to follow.

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Off-grid with solar and storage in the city – for less than $10,000

Until recently, Australia’s incumbent utilities would have comforted themselves with the thought that going off-grid in a big city was too expensive to contemplate. The continuing fall in the cost of rooftop solar, and the plunging cost of battery storage, has turned that assumption on its head.

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