Articles by Craig Morris

Canada’s first 100% renewable energy community project

Oxford County, Ontario, has just opened a wind farm as part of a project to go 100% renewables for electricity and heat.

People power: Citizens could drive Europe’s energy transition

New EU study finds that 83% of European households could eventually become “energy citizens.” Nearly two-thirds of them, so roughly half of all households, could make their own energy.

One thousand kilometers on an electric bicycle

An inside look into what you are missing out on if you don’t have an electric bicycle.

The added-value of a community-owned wind farm

Often talked about, rarely quantified – how much more revenue does a community-owned wind farm bring in for the community, as opposed to a project by out-of-towners?

Why people come together in community energy projects

How can public acceptance of utility projects be increased? Policymakers want to allow citizens to invest in such projects, but the focus is insufficient. Citizens want more than just financial benefits.

Community wind farm in Bavaria

Bavaria has implemented draconian conditions for new wind farms. At Starnberger Lake, a mayor and his community have rushed to complete a wind farm before the new stipulations take effect.

German village of Feldheim is now off grid for consumption

With the installation of a 10-megawatt battery, the village of Feldheim near Berlin is now truly independent of electricity from outside.