Articles by Jonathan Gifford

Western Power launches 5MW microgrid project for Kalbarri

WA holiday town of Kalbarri set to trial $10m microgrid integrating distributed solar, 1.7MW wind farm, and 2MWh battery system.

W.A. plans Australia’s biggest solar+storage micro-grid in Onslow

Solar and storage micro-grid will lead to town of Onslow sourcing 70 per cent of its electricity from renewables, improve reliability, reduce costs and state subsidies.

UTS to purchase “chilled energy” from offsite plant

UTS will cool a number of its buildings at its city campus by piping chilled air in from a nearby district cooling system.

ABC news legend dumps diesel as he turns to solar + storage

Former ABC presenter started off with diesel only in his off-grid home, but recently added solar and storage. And learned some big lessons.