Articles by Sophie Vorrath

Senec tapped to provide home batteries in W.A.’s largest solar + storage microgrid

German-based Senec Australia chosen to supply home battery systems for Horizon Power’s cutting edge solar and storage microgrid in the coastal Pilbara town of Onslow.

New rooftop solar, battery connection standards: What do they mean? Who needs to know?

New standards guiding rooftop solar and battery storage installs across the NEM have been released by the ENA. But are they good, bad or indifferent for consumers and industry? And what will they actually do? We ask the ENA and the CEC for some answers.

NT councils offered grants to install solar, EV chargers, batteries

Northern Territory Labor government opens $2m grant scheme to encourage councils to move to better energy efficient infrastructure and reduce costs to consumers and taxpayers.

W.A. Water Corp taps solar to cut grid power consumption in half

W.A. Water Corporation reveals plans to install solar across nine sites – enough to supply around 50 per cent of the electricity needs of each of the facilities in question.

Rooftop solar trading platform cuts out energy market middle man

Rooftop solar trading platform by Energy Locals and Enosi puts consumers in charge of who they sell their excess PV generation to, and for how much, while opening the household solar market to those previously “locked out.”

WA is swapping 54km of poles and wires for solar and battery storage

Horizon Power is decommissioning 54km of poles and wires and replacing them with 13 Micro Power Systems combining solar, battery storage and a back-up diesel generator.

Australian miner seeks to power S. African project with 35MW of solar and wind

Orion Minerals appoints juwi Renewables to investigate powering major South African copper and zinc mine with a combination of solar and wind energy.

Major Australian beef farmer shifts second facility to clean energy – this time, 100%

Teys Australia unveils $42m plan to make one of its NSW facilities completely energy self sufficient via technologies including solar, storage, solid waste digestion and biomass boilers.

Thin-film solar petrol tank pilot sparks new business for old energy player

US petroleum industry veteran Sprague Resources to install thin-film solar across its fuel storage tanks – and help other refiners do the same – after success of 87.5kW pilot array.

Western Power to install 57 stand-alone solar and battery systems at W.A. farms

Plans to fit 57 regional W.A. properties with stand alone solar and battery storage underway, after three companies signed up to deliver the off-grid power systems.