Articles by Warwick Johnston

How long will your solar panels last, and how well will they perform?

Millions of low-quality solar panels have been installed on Australian roofs, mostly because mums and dads lacked the expertise to differentiate panel quality.

Why Aussie homes may be better off with smaller battery banks

You’re thinking about installing batteries for your solar PV system, but aren’t clear about how much storage capacity you need. Numbers suggest a smaller battery bank is probably a better investment than a larger one (at least for now).

Is it worth charging off-peak to sneak in a second cycle for your battery?

The idea of sneaking in a battery cycle first thing in the morning doesn’t bear fruit, because most households are already exporting energy during their morning peak.

When should I discharge my battery to maximise my return on investment?

Should battery storage be discharged during peak only, and is it worth discharging during off-peak periods in order to maximise solar soak-up?

Why battery storage doesn’t pay without rooftop solar

“Arbritrage” sounds like a brilliant idea, but is it really worthwhile charging a battery from the grid at off-grid prices?

How to sell battery storage to early adopters

There’s plenty of early adopters out there who will buy battery storage regardless of the return on investment, because early adopters like the technology and the independence it offers.

Why most commercial PV sales don’t proceed (and what to do about it)…

It’s a well-established trend: the Australian solar industry is increasingly turning to sales of commercial PV systems.

Australian solar PV installations hit the 5 gigawatt mark

Solar power in Australia has grown to 5 gigawatts and was the largest source of new power in the country in 2015. It now represents 9% of Australia’s total electricity generation capacity.

New study finds Evacuated Tube solar hot water often pays for itself quicker than typical solar electricity systems

People should be considering solar hot water (SHW) and solar power (PV) in combination, rather than entirely covering their roof with PV.