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What the hell is ‘The Good Solar Guide’ and why did I write it?

Two years ago, I sat down and started to write. The result is called “The Good Solar Guide: 7 steps to tiny bills for Australian homeowners” – and it was launched last week in Adelaide.

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Solar Insiders Podcast May 20

Gippsland Solar’s Andrew McCarthy and a fascinating insight into the solar transition in the Latrobe Valley, the heart of Victoria’s brown coal industry.

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Looking for energy independence? Make your solar smarter

As rooftop solar uptake increases, and the cost of batteries decreases, integrating smart management and storage can boost energy independence dramatically.

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Solar Insiders Podcast November 15

Australia has just enjoyed its biggest month ever, but it could have been even stronger if it were not for China’s appalling air pollution.

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Solar Insiders Podcast September 6

Solar jumps 6GW benchmark; and why, some solar mea-culpas, and some crazy stories that illustrate why consumers struggle to understand their energy needs.

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Going virtual – not off grid – the solution to 21st Century power

Consumers want to take back control of their power supply, but is going off grid really the best use of solar and storage?

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CEC gets ruthless on solar panel quality

Publication of an updated list of approved solar panels which saw an incredible 76% of solar brands no longer listed as approved for use in Australia.

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Residential rooftop solar PV prices at record lows in Australia

Average residential solar system prices for September 2016 have matched the all-time low seen in December of last year.

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How residential demand tariffs could add $1000s to your bill

As residential demand tariffs are rolled out around Australia, we take a look at what they are, how they works, and why many households should avoid them at all costs.

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Living off-grid in Australia’s tropical north: Tips from a long-term Daintree resident

A well designed off-grid solar and battery storage system can supply most households' needs easily, even in Australia's tropical north. But some know-how is needed.

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