Energy Efficiency

Get smart: It’s time to put energy efficiency to work

The market for smart energy management in Australia is taking off, as energy users act to take control of their energy costs, and businesses see demand management and onsite generation in a completely new light.

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What is electricity resilience worth to you?

As the global microgrid market takes off, It's crucial each customer knows what power loss costs them as they weigh their need for a microgrid.

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How a Melbourne apartment building cut its energy consumption in half

Melbourne retiree offers salutary lesson on how much energy and money – $140,000 a year – can be saved, just by changing light bulbs and applying the most basic energy management upgrades.

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Off-grid in Brisbane: How one family beat the bill

Coalition's new energy policy appears to lock in Australia's extraordinary high energy costs for at least another decade. This will encourage more households and businesses to turn to solar, or even leave the grid altogether. Here is how one Brisbane family quit the grid.

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Battery storage? Australia’s rooftop solar boom has only just begun

The buzz might be about batteries, but the mass adoption of solar PV by Australian homes has only just begun, as prices reach levels that appeal to the late majority, and as early adopters look to upsize their systems.

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How to make serious cuts in home heating costs – and stay warm

Rarely do we hear about policies designed to help people, particularly those with limited means, reduce the amount of energy they use to keep warm inside their homes. But it can be done.

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Looking for lower energy bills? New-build homes don’t always deliver

Home buyers across Australia could face higher energy bills because of a loophole that allows builders to sidestep energy efficiency requirements.

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Big learnings from my first month with battery storage and more solar

After five weeks with 8kW of solar panels and a 10kWh LG battery – including mostly perfect weather, some rainy days and one eight-hour grid outage – here's how the system at my NSW home performed.

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Battery-powered pizza: Beating network squeeze with 10 Tesla Powerwalls

Domino's Pizza franchise in western Sydney installs "world's largest" commercial Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system for half the price of a grid upgrade. Is this the new normal for small businesses?

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Goulburn Council floats solar PV as a way to cut water costs

Goulburn Council to commission feasibility studies into installing floating solar on government water stores, to slash power costs.

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