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Residential rooftop solar PV prices at record lows in Australia

Average residential solar system prices for September 2016 have matched the all-time low seen in December of last year.

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Case Study: Yulara Project

Behind the scenes of the first utility-scale plant to be proposed and completed by an Indigenous Land Council – the 1.8MW solar PV system at Ayers Rock Resort.

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The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten

From solar systems to boots, there seems to be an ever widening gap between premium priced items and super cheap items and picking the difference is hard.

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The truth about battery ready solar systems

Do you want your new solar system to be ‘battery ready’? First you have to know what that actually means.

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Five things active monitoring will tell you about your solar PV panels

Gone are the days when monitoring consisted of a simple hourly graph showing how much energy your solar system is generating, leaving you to work out what the information meant.

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