CSIRO-made smart solar and storage system launched by Evergen

A solar and storage energy management system developed by CSIRO and backed by AMP Capital has been launched in Australia.

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United Energy taps solar, storage, software to defer network upgrade

GreenSync to deliver landmark community-based demand response, energy storage project for United Energy to defer need for network upgrades on Mornington Peninsula.

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Millennials want solar, storage, shared energy – and an app for all that

A recent Accenture survey has asked Millennials – Australia's second-largest cohort after Gen X – what they want from their energy providers. The answers are a clarion call to those utilities and retailers who still believe business-as-usual will do.

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Living off-grid in Australia’s tropical north: Tips from a long-term Daintree resident

A well designed off-grid solar and battery storage system can supply most households' needs easily, even in Australia's tropical north. But some know-how is needed.

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The first Tesla microgrid: Melbourne housing development to feature shared energy system

Another Melbourne residential development featuring Tesla Powerwalls in every house. This time the batteries will be connected to a network, and stored solar energy will be shared. A Tesla micro-grid, if you will.

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AllGrid Energy, Redback Technologies join forces to deliver remote solar solutions

Indigenous renewable tech company AllGrid Energy to partner with energy management start-up Redback Technologies to give Australia's remote indigenous communities energy reliability and self-sufficiency.

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The hidden energy cost of smart homes

One of the great hopes of the second digital revolution is that "the internet of things" will help households save energy. But research from Australia and the UK is revealing ways the IOT might also increase energy demand.

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ANU project to turn households into mini solar power stations, to boost grid, reward consumers

ARENA grants ANU project $2.9m to install solar and battery storage at 40 homes on Tasmania's Bruny Island, and use Australian-made software to trade electricity with the grid when needed during peaks.

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My eco-home: going DC off-grid (nearly)

I am convinced that our energy world is radically changing thanks to technologies such as solar, horizontal drilling, demand response, LEDs, batteries as well as exciting new business models

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How farmers can calculate savings from solar + battery storage

NSW Farmers has updated its Solar PV + Battery Financial Analysis Calculator to more accurately estimate the financial performance of a given solar PV-battery system on the basis of the reduction of consumption of high-cost grid electricity.

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