Ausgrid and Reposit unveil 1MW virtual power plant in NSW

Ausgrid and Reposit Power launch pilot 1MW virtual power plant linking the rooftop solar and battery storage of 233 customers across 170 NSW suburbs.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: What is going on in Victoria?

New rules, new interpretations of old rules, and restrictions best described as network stuff-ups is causing confusion and anger in the Victoria solar industry, currently the country’s biggest market.

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AusNet: We’ve been overwhelmed by the solar rush, and we’ve made mistakes

Making sure Victoria's network can cope with residential demand for batteries and solar is a complicated business – but we're not sitting on our hands.

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AusNet hints at online error as solar, battery rejections spark industry anger

As concern grows that solar and battery storage is being blocked in some parts of Victoria, AusNet says efforts to fast-track the customer connection process may have caused some applications to be wrongly rejected.

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Are solar export limitations blocking home battery storage in Victoria?

Households in eastern Victoria wishing to be energy self-sufficient by investing in solar and battery storage are being blocked by AusNet’s grid connection rules.

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Solar Bay inks deal to install solar on nine major shopping centres

Commercial renewables installer and financier inks deal with Real Asset Management to lease rooftops of nine of its suburban shopping malls in NSW and Qld, and fit them out with solar PV.

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Why we need the Approved Solar Retailer program – and why Victoria is demanding it

A new rule requiring all Victorian retailers to get CEC accreditation to participate in the state solar rebate will be annoying news for some. But it will cause problems for only a few.

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Victoria government closes Solar Homes rebate to “approved” retailers only

Victoria government says rooftop solar retailers wishing to participate in Solar Homes subsidy must be signatories to Clean Energy Council Code of Conduct. Industry has mixed response.

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Our journey to rooftop solar in coastal Victoria

At the time we were building our new house we considered solar panels, but cost and return on investment weren't convincing. Six years later, the ballgame has changed.

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Why the network push to limit rooftop solar exports should be resisted

The push by the network lobby to limit exports from rooftop solar is more about defending their investment in gas pipelines. It must be resisted.

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