Solar is great, but don’t trust Australia’s energy cartel

Powershop CEO Ben Burge sees the rush to rooftop solar as a symptom of the same problem that has made his upstart power retailer such a success – customer disaffection with the Australian energy cartel. But he's worried the solar revolution could have a sting in its tail for consumers.

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Why some customers could be better off with no solar feed in tariff

IPART says beware of retailers offering high solar tariffs - some customers might be better off going with retailer that offers no tariff because of other not-so-hidden charges.

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W.A. sees solar future, but battery storage and EVs are not allowed

W.A. energy minister Mike Nahan has done an about-face and predicted that solar will dominate the future. But the state owned utilities require solar households to sign contracts promising not to install battery storage or purchase electric vehicles.

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Victoria solar feed-in tariff to be slashed to 5c/kWh in 2016

Essential Services Commission confirms plan to cut Victoria solar FiT to 5c/kWh, one week after state govt promised to fight for rooftop solar rights.

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Low energy users in Queensland hit with tariffs of 72c/kWh

Low energy users in Queensland are being hit with huge tariffs, while energy guzzlers are being rewarded with tariffs one third of the price.

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Networks take revenge on solar households, and low energy users

Network operators have responded to the uptake of solar PV and energy efficiency by lifting fixed charges nearly four-fold. Now, in an apparent attempt to foil the uptake of battery storage, the networks want consumers to pay for the grid, whether they are connected or not.

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The NSW solar bonus will end: What to do before the money stops flowing

If you are one of those lucky bastards who made a motza out of boldly entering a new solar world, you may need to pause in your euphoria for a moment and consider the options.

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Why NSW homes may lead in uptake of battery storage

Some 160,000 homes in NSW will lose their premium feed in tariffs for solar in 18 months. Here's why battery storage may look an attractive option.

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Tasmania rooftop solar market in decline after tariff ‘double whammy’

Tasmanian renewables group calls for state government intervention after a series of cuts to solar feed-in tariffs causes market to contract.

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Network charges may penalise uptake of battery storage, as well as PV

Australian networks are also penalising solar households, now it looks like they will do the same with those that add battery storage. The trend among some electricity networks to penalise or discourage the uptake of rooftop solar by imposing fixed tariffs or additional fees is now extending to battery storage, with one network accused of […]

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