Fixed, but broken: Why some new energy tariffs are a recipe for disaster

In response to "bill shock," energy retailers are starting to offer fixed-price packages for electricity, regardless of how much the household uses. But is this the right solution? Or will it make matters worse?

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Melbourne electricity retailer launches fixed-price, ‘all you can eat’ offer

Melbourne electricity retailer Sumo Power says aims to combat "bill shock" with launch of fixed price offer for unlimited electricity use over 12 month period.

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LG Chem ramps up Australian battery storage plans ahead of “critical solar decade”

LG Chem reveals plans to ramp up its battery storage business in Australia, predicting a five-fold increase in sales in 2016, and an even greater rate of growth in 2017, when solar FiTs are ratcheted down.

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Shared solar start-up in renewed push to get PV on rented rooftops

Developers of shared solar technology unveil new digital platform to make path to solar less complicated for Australia's 2.4m rental properties, calculating size of system, savings and ROI.

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Greens leader Greg Barber goes solar + Tesla storage to sidestep perverse energy markets

The home of the Victorian Greens leader has become the first in the state to install a Tesla Powerwall battery, alongside a 5kW solar system. Barber says solar plus storage is the only way to tackle Victoria's "perverse" energy markets.

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Solar feed-in tariff programs end soon. So what happens next?

The premium solar feed-in tariffs will end in three Australian states this time next year. Households should start thinking about what this means, and what they should do. Here is a guide.

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Homes of the future could use only 10% grid power: Synergy

WA network operator Synergy sees a future where new-build homes source only 10% of their energy from the grid. But with battery storage costs falling, will they bother with the grid at all?

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Synergy proposes ‘sun tax’ on WA solar households

A proposal by Western Australia’s state-owned electricity provider, Synergy, to effectively double the charge to connect the state’s more than 191,000 solar households to the grid has been slammed as unfair and counter-productive.

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Powershop, Diamond top green electricity rankings for 2015

Electricity retail newcomers Powershop and Diamond Energy top Australia's green power rankings for 2015. Origin Energy, Energy Australia and AGL noted for "continued average performance."

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Is this the world’s smartest energy services company?

Kraftwerke provide commercial energy customers with the opportunity to buy and sell their electricity, allowing them to benefit from the price fluctuations in the energy spot market.

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