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CEC debunks Taylor’s rooftop solar scare – but there are ways to avoid faulty installs

Angus Taylor warning that Australia’s booming rooftop solar market was risking people’s lives has earned a rebuke – and a cursory fact check – from the Clean Energy Council.

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Three key factors behind a successful commercial rooftop solar install

As long-term investments of 25 years, a commercial solar system must have quality, durability, and reliability actively designed into every stage of its life cycle.

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Rooftop solar to generate more than coal by 2040, saving billions

AEMO's Integrated System Plan says continued high uptake of rooftop solar and other demand-side resources could see distributed PV supply the national grid with more power than coal by 2040, and cut grid infrastructure costs by nearly $4bn.

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Should “invisible” rooftop PV be discouraged?

The boom of solar in Australia is great, but traditional PV systems are essentially invisible to our networks and our markets. And that's problematic.

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