Brewer CUB aims to go 100% solar by end 2018

Australia's biggest brewer, CUB, signs deal with new 112MW solar farm near Mildura as part of its plans to go 100% renewables by the end of this year, saying it will lower and lock in electricity costs. The shift to renewables by Australia’s manufacturing base is accelerating.

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Electrolux seeks to power Adelaide factory with solar and battery storage

Electrolux wants to power its only remaining Australian factory with a combination of 2.5MW of solar PV and 500kW battery storage.

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Sydney Markets takes rooftop solar to massive 3MW – maybe more to come

Sydney Markets adds another 2.2MW PV array to take total rooftop solar capacity to more than 3MW, says there's room to go bigger.

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Adelaide Uni to add 2MWh vanadium battery system, 1.2MW solar

University to install 1.2MW of solar and a 0.5MW/2MWh vanadium flow redox battery system, cut its grid electricity consumption by 40%.

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Solar PPA partners named in potential 10MW NSW PV roll-out

NSW govt set to roll out solar across its buildings and infrastructure after selection of five “prequalified, carefully vetted” solar PPA suppliers.

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University of Newcastle rolls out 2MW solar system at Callaghan Campus

University of Newcastle says 2MW of solar being added to its Callaghan campus this year will slash energy costs and serve as a "living laboratory."

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High altitude solar plant on “roof of Iran” pays off for cement company

A 1.5MW solar system installed at 2,300m is paying off for local cement manufacturer, and demonstrating ability to operate in soaring and freezing temperatures.

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CEFC backed green loan scheme hopes to boost EV uptake

New green loan scheme backed by Clean Energy Finance Corporation to offer cheaper finance to buy and lease low and zero emissions vehicles.

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More solar beer as Melbourne boutique brewer installs 100kW rooftop PV

Collingwood craft brewer Stomping Ground Brewing Co will make its beer with solar power, after installing a 96.3kW PV system.

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“State’s biggest” solar + battery storage microgid to power SA Produce Markets

A $10.5m microgid combining 2.5MW solar PV, 4.2MWh of Tesla battery packs, 2.5MW diesel generator will power SA wholesale fruit and vege market, save stall holders $500k a year.

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