Solar hotspots: Where solar homes outnumber non-solar homes

Some suburbs in Australia have more homes with rooftop solar than without. Here are the country's solar hotspots.

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Selectronic joins forces with LG Chem in booming battery storage market

LG Chem's RESU home battery systems to team with Selectronic's Australian made SP PRO inverters – a tech duo to challenge the Tesla Powerwall 2.

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Tesla adds energy monitoring to mobile app as customers await Powerwall 2 delivery

Tesla mobile app update allows Powerwall owners to monitor and manage their solar and battery storage “power flow”.

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VSUN eyes household market for vanadium batteries, and local manufacturing

VSUN looks to household market for vanadium redox flow batteries, and to a local manufacturing facility to help reduce prices.

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Rooftop solar now Queensland’s biggest power station

The 1,805MW of solar PV capacity on rooftops of Queensland homes and business now more than biggest power station by capacity in the state, overtaking the 1,780MW Gladstone coal plant.

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Rooftop solar enjoys second boom as fossil fuel scare campaign backfires

The fossil fuel industry’s scare campaign over renewable energy has seen households and businesses flocking to install solar on their roofs.

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Dumb storage isn’t going to solve the energy crisis

Smart storage is what needs to be the centre stage in our debate around energy security.

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New standard could restrict and add costs to extra solar and battery storage

New Australia-wide standard gives networks power to limit size of household solar systems – and could push up prices for AC-coupled battery storage products from Tesla, Enphase, Selectronic and others.

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Solar + Tesla battery storage offered in new-build Queensland homes

Metricon becomes latest Australian housing developer to offer rooftop solar and storage as optional extra in new-build homes in Queensland.

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The “off-grid” guy is not happy with his off-grid system

“Off-grid guy” Michael Mobbs is so frustrated by the poor performance of his off-grid system in inner Sydney terrace house that he has decided to junk it and is calling for new proposals. It is a salutary lesson for others wishing to follow.

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