Here’s an energy savings plan: buy when prices are lower

Shopping for a discount makes sense, right? Let’s see what we can save if we try this with electricity.

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2017: The year battery storage started to make sense

To be ‘worth it’ or to ‘break even’ – that is the question around residential battery storage at the moment. Here's a look at payback by system size.

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Rising prices, falling FiTs: A perfect storm for rooftop solar and storage?

Australia's rooftop solar market has set a cracking pace so far this year, and all signs are pointing to it continuing to gather pace, with or without battery storage or generous feed-in tariffs.

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Battery storage to be “standard” in new-build houses within years

Key solar and building industry player CSR Bradford says solar and battery storage will be standard features in all new-build homes in Australian in just a few years.

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Is battery storage worth it in your city?

Which Australian capital cities currently have the best conditions for home solar battery storage? We’ve crunched the numbers and ranked them below.

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Qld low-income, rental households targeted in 6MW rooftop solar trial

Qld govt rooftop solar trial targets state’s most vulnerable electricity customers – and its half a million rental households – in plan to deliver up to 6MW of new rooftop solar PV.

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Tesla launches Powerwall 2, says all solar homes will have storage

Tesla's launches 14kWh Powerwall 2, confirming pricing and predicting 100% of solar homes will have battery storage within 10 years.

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Your home or business can cut power plant emissions

Automated emissions reduction technology presents an opportunity for companies to address both green and smart customer desires.

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LA city raises rooftop solar mandate, requires “zero net energy” homes

The northern LA city of Lancaster now requires new homes to have enough rooftop solar to meet all of their energy needs.

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How long will your solar panels last, and how well will they perform?

Millions of low-quality solar panels have been installed on Australian roofs, mostly because mums and dads lacked the expertise to differentiate panel quality.

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