Rental solar scheme targets 15,000 Queensland investment homes

Queensland property groups join forces to install solar and smart technology on 15,000 investment properties across the state, offering bill crunching PV to landlords and renters.

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Smart solar monitoring: Why you should have it

Is your solar performing? Rooftop PV systems can be adversely affected by things outside of a household's control – and without their knowledge. But you needn't be in the dark about it.

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Low income homes to be offered “no-cost” solar and batteries

A new solar and storage scheme aims to tackle the problem of “power poverty” in Australia head on, by offering low income households around Australia the option to install both solar and battery storage for no upfront cost.

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Sonnen lands biggest battery order in Australia with housing developer

Sonnen selected to provide 270 residential batteries for Melbourne property development, to cut household power bills by 60% and possibly help power a community water recycling plant.

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Home battery storage has trebled – but should you be installing it?

Battery storage uptake by Australian households is starting to take off. But is it a financial no-brainer? New analysis from SunWiz says ... it's complicated. If you care about return on investment, there's some things you should know.

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5 impacts of living with solar + storage in an apartment

It’s been over a year since we “flicked the switch” at Stucco. Has it lived up to our dreams of slashed power bills, carbon neutrality, and high levels of energy independence?

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Half of all Australian rooftops could go solar, new mapping tool reveals

New online mapping tool shows "enormous untapped potential" for rooftop solar in Australia, including up to 50 per cent in major Australian cities.

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How I became the first SonnenFlat customer and got my electricity bills down to $0

Receiving your electricity bill can be frightening, but there is a way out. I know – I’ve already found it.

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Australian rooftop solar boom rolls on – 351MW in first quarter

Rooftop solar installation boom continues in March, and total for first quarter is more than one third more than the previous record as households and business respond to soaring grid prices.

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Short-term thinking on energy and water is costing NSW consumers billions

IPART's pricing and regulatory decisions can make significant impacts on water and energy costs – potentially relieving billions in the future. Blind faith that the past represents the future will do the opposite.

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