Five things I’ve learned about solar and storage

Three months after installing rooftop solar and battery storage on the 30-yar-old home I bought early last year, there is absolutely no doubt it has made a huge difference to the nature of my bills, the source of my energy, and the way I use it.

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One Step Off The Grid is taking a break

One Step Off The Grid is taking a break over the holiday season. We'll be back soon...

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Top 5 residential solar and battery storage tips for consumers in 2017

As 2016 draws to an end, rooftop solar in Australia is experiencing another boom – this time with warnings. So here's a list of some top tips for consumers of residential solar and battery storage, gathered from the observations and recommendations of industry players and experts.

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To seal or not to seal: The dangers of a draught-proof home

At the moment it is de rigeur to try to seal off every last little crack in the envelope of one’s house in order to save energy. But there is another side to this issue: you also have to breathe!

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SAPN completes battery installs for northern Adelaide solar + storage trial

SA Power Networks installs the last of 100 battery storage systems in northern Adelaide VPP trial – the largest actually commissioned, for now, in Australia.

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World’s largest virtual power plant trial a big hit with SA consumers

AGL Energy says SA virtual power plant well ahead of schedule after 150 first round battery systems snapped up by consumers.

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What’s happening to residential electricity prices – and why

AEMC report says most Australian households can expect to pay between 4-10% more for their 2017-18 electricity bills, thanks largely to the cost of the RET and the exit of Victoria's Hazelwood brown coal plant. But is it really as black and white – or even green – as all that?

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To pay solar households fairly, we need to understand the true value of solar

Now that our rooftop solar industry has matured, we need to reconsider the purpose of FiTs and align them with our goals for the electricity system in the future.

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Best rooftop solar month for two years as Victoria breaks 1GW solar mark

Australia records best month for more than two years for rooftop solar, with WA setting records and Victoria breaking through 1GW rooftop solar mark.

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Rooftop solar rebate to reduce in three weeks

The long-standing upfront subsidy for rooftop solar systems will be reduced within a few weeks when the "deeming period" for PV systems declines from 15 years to 14 years.

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