Demand response for households – how does it work, and can it really earn you money?

Amber Electric is a power retailer that wants its customers to use more power at cheap times, and less power at expensive times. Sound suspicious? Here's how – and why – it works.

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Solar hot water rebate opens for applications in Victoria

Victorian households can claim up to $1,000 rebate on solar hot water systems as of this week, in latest offering from state government Solar Homes package.

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Residential revival: How home solar broke records in 2018

Just when you thought Australia's residential market had peaked, 2018 delivered a record year of installs, with a big boost from the Victoria Solar Homes rebate.

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Virtual power plant snags contract in wholesale capacity auction – a US first

"Breakthrough moment" in US, as local solar energy resources compete with centralised power in highly price-sensitive wholesale power markets.

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Networks face up to rooftop solar boom, with new ARENA-funded trial

Creating Solar Friendly Neighbourhoods trial in Victoria could significantly enhance ability of electricity networks to accommodate more rooftop solar power.

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Victoria solar rebate notches up nearly 7,000 new rooftop systems

Victorian households are cashing on the state government's solar homes rebate by the thousands, led by the outer western suburb of Tarneit and North Clyde in the south east.

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Tesla says Powerwall now eligible for S.A. home battery scheme

Tesla's 13.5kWh Powerwall officially declared eligible for South Australia's home battery scheme – although households might have to wait a little while for delivery.

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CEC debunks Taylor’s rooftop solar scare – but there are ways to avoid faulty installs

Angus Taylor warning that Australia’s booming rooftop solar market was risking people’s lives has earned a rebuke – and a cursory fact check – from the Clean Energy Council.

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Will 2019 be the year of the household battery?

With Queensland's solar battery loan scheme "all but exhausted" in just two weeks, and more than 200,000 subsidised batteries on offer through other state and proposed federal schemes, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the home battery boom.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Highs and lows, best and worst of 2018

It’s been a huge year for solar in Australia in 2018. In the final podcast of the year, we review the highs and lows, the best and the worst, and take a peek at next year.

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