ATA launches free home solar and battery advice service

Australian homes looking to install solar and battery storage systems can now access a free and independent advice service, offering them key guidance on the system size, expected energy bill savings and payback times.
The online service – available here – was launched by not-for-profit Alternative Technology Association (ATA) on Tuesday. It aims to bridge a knowledge gap recently identified as one of the key barriers preventing the late majority of Australian households from taking the plunge into rooftop solar and battery storage.
The ATA uses information including the household’s location, its rate of energy consumption, the local electricity tariff, and the amount it is prepared to spend solar and storage, to prepare a rough guide of some possible systems to suit the home, their cost and their return on investment.
“When it comes to solar, one of the hardest decision for households is what size system they should get. This is even more complex when it comes to batteries,” said Damien Moyse, the ATA’s policy and research manager.
“This type of advice is not provided accurately by solar installers and should be obtained before seeking the usual three quotes.
“Electricity prices are continuing to rise and are unlikely to fall back to their previous levels in the next decade. Having solar not only saves you money, it’s good for the environment.”
Moyse said the start of the Australian summer was an ideal time to be looking at installing a rooftop solar system, and battery prices were coming down.
“Summer is the solar season – it’s prime time for this kind of technology – and we hope to be helping as many people as we can through our free solar advice service,” he said.

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