Articles by Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris

Solar Insiders Podcast July 18

Two big reports – from the ACCC and the AEMO – give conflicting visions about the future of rooftop solar. Plus: Phoenix rising in the rooftop industry, and latest EV news.

Solar Insiders Podcast July 4

The highs and lows of the solar industry, feed in tariffs slashed, and some battery storage offers to be avoided. And a guide to good solar.

Solar Insiders Podcast June 20

Solar boom, or solar clamp-down?

Solar Insiders Podcast June 8

Solar blackout scares, panels overboard

Solar Insiders Podcast May 20

Gippsland Solar’s Andrew McCarthy and a fascinating insight into the solar transition in the Latrobe Valley, the heart of Victoria’s brown coal industry.

Solar Insiders May 9

Australia’s will reach 7GW of rooftop solar in May; why South Australia has hit a wall; and what’s happening at Tesla.

Solar Insiders April 26

Why solar diverters work, crackdown on poor inverters, what the NEG means for solar, and a wrap of EV news.

Solar Insiders Podcast April 18

Pensioners before Paris? How about kids before coal? The case for solar, and interviews with an installer, a large scale solar developer, and a financier.

Solar Insiders Podcast March 28

South Australia’s solar dawn, Craig Kelly, dodgy deals, and how a deal on transport fuels killed the early electric car.

Solar Insiders Podcast February 20

Have we underestimated uptake of EVs in Australia? Plus: A new take on shared solar.

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