Articles by Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris

Solar Insiders Podcast August 29

Victoria Labor’s solar rebate proposal is having an impact on the solar market, with customers putting off installations.

Solar Insiders Podcast August 16

The future of solar rebates is up in the air as the ACCC pushes for government to adopt its “complete package.” We talk with Sunwiz’ Warwick Johnston about the implications and state of commercial solar.

Solar Insiders Podcast August 2

Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu talks to Solar Insiders, while Nigel Morris gives a Zero to the new Harley electric bike, and we celebrate his award for outstanding contribution to the solar industry.

Solar Insiders Podcast July 18

Two big reports – from the ACCC and the AEMO – give conflicting visions about the future of rooftop solar. Plus: Phoenix rising in the rooftop industry, and latest EV news.

Solar Insiders Podcast July 4

The highs and lows of the solar industry, feed in tariffs slashed, and some battery storage offers to be avoided. And a guide to good solar.

Solar Insiders Podcast June 20

Solar boom, or solar clamp-down?

Solar Insiders Podcast June 8

Solar blackout scares, panels overboard

Solar Insiders Podcast May 20

Gippsland Solar’s Andrew McCarthy and a fascinating insight into the solar transition in the Latrobe Valley, the heart of Victoria’s brown coal industry.

Solar Insiders May 9

Australia’s will reach 7GW of rooftop solar in May; why South Australia has hit a wall; and what’s happening at Tesla.

Solar Insiders April 26

Why solar diverters work, crackdown on poor inverters, what the NEG means for solar, and a wrap of EV news.