Articles by Giles Parkinson & Nigel Morris

Solar Insiders Podcast February 7

A look insider Tesla’s world’s biggest virtual power plants, and why Craig Kelly gets a Zero for his barmy comments about electric vehicles.

Solar Insiders Podcast December 21

In the final episode of Solar Insiders for the year, Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris chronicle what went right, and what went wrong, in the local solar market, and what we can expect from storage.

Solar Insiders Podcast December 14

The Power of Choice requirements that new solar households must have smart meters is undermined by some pretty dumb rules.

Solar Insiders Podcast November 30

Australia’s only solar module manufacturer Tindo is looking to expand its factory and add battery storage manufacturing. Plus: All the solar news of the week.

Solar Insiders Podcast November 15

Australia has just enjoyed its biggest month ever, but it could have been even stronger if it were not for China’s appalling air pollution.

Solar Insiders Podcast November 1

Energy minister Josh Frydenberg admits he hasn’t got rooftop solar, shame on him, while our expert panel looks at the best and worst in monitoring.

Solar Insiders Podcast October 19

Government’s new policy proposal appears to lock in high prices for at least another decade, making rooftop solar and battery storage yet more attractive.

Solar Insiders Podcast October 4

Australia headed for one GW of rooftop solar installs this year, regulator cracks down on solar rorts, and making sense of volatile certificate prices.

Solar Insiders Podcast September 22

The difficulty in getting hold of Tesla Powerwall stock is keeping a lid on household battery storage sales in Australia. The Solar Insiders podcast takes a look at the market.

Solar Insiders Podcast September 6

Solar jumps 6GW benchmark; and why, some solar mea-culpas, and some crazy stories that illustrate why consumers struggle to understand their energy needs.