Articles by Giles Parkinson & Nigel Morris

Solar Insiders Podcast June 20

Solar boom, or solar clamp-down?

Solar Insiders Podcast June 8

Solar blackout scares, panels overboard

Solar Insiders Podcast May 20

Gippsland Solar’s Andrew McCarthy and a fascinating insight into the solar transition in the Latrobe Valley, the heart of Victoria’s brown coal industry.

Solar Insiders May 9

Australia’s will reach 7GW of rooftop solar in May; why South Australia has hit a wall; and what’s happening at Tesla.

Solar Insiders April 26

Why solar diverters work, crackdown on poor inverters, what the NEG means for solar, and a wrap of EV news.

Solar Insiders Podcast April 18

Pensioners before Paris? How about kids before coal? The case for solar, and interviews with an installer, a large scale solar developer, and a financier.

Solar Insiders Podcast March 28

South Australia’s solar dawn, Craig Kelly, dodgy deals, and how a deal on transport fuels killed the early electric car.

Solar Insiders Podcast February 20

Have we underestimated uptake of EVs in Australia? Plus: A new take on shared solar.

Solar Insiders Podcast February 7

A look insider Tesla’s world’s biggest virtual power plants, and why Craig Kelly gets a Zero for his barmy comments about electric vehicles.

Solar Insiders Podcast December 21

In the final episode of Solar Insiders for the year, Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris chronicle what went right, and what went wrong, in the local solar market, and what we can expect from storage.