Articles by Giles Parkinson

Carnegie to build W.A.’s largest microgrid at Kalbarri

Carnegie wins WA contract to build state’s largest microgrid, ensuring renewables and batteries can lift reliability of supply for Kalbarri.

Explainer: 12 things to know about Tesla’s world’s biggest virtual power plant

How will the Tesla virtual power plant work? Who benefits and why will households pay so much for solar and storage on their rooftops? These and other questions about the world’s largest VPP.

Lismore opens Australia’s largest floating solar farm, could add storage

Lismore opens country’s biggest solar farm, and flags five fold increase in size and may add battery storage. The unique community funding model forms a key part of city’s push for 100 per cent renewable energy by 2023.

Victoria regulator proposes 29c/kWh solar export tariff in peak period

Victoria regulator proposes 29c/kWh “peak” tariff for solar exports between 3pm and 8pm – a move that is likely to increase the business case for household battery storage.

Six factors that make battery storage add up for households

New Queensland study based on a series of home battery storage trials gives some insight into what can make batteries interesting for households, what might

Zen Energy gets retail licence to launch “baseload” renewable product

Zen Energy gets electricity retailer licence to offer “baseload renewable energy” product and proceed with 1GW solar and storage facility at the Whyalla Steelworks.

Todae lands 1.8MW rooftop array as Stockland aims for 12MW solar

Todae Solar has landed what is likely to be one of the largest rooftop solar installations in Australia – a 1.87MW expansion of the array on top of the Green Hills shopping centre in Sydney, as owner Stockland aims for 12.3MW of rooftop solar across its portfolio. Stockland has already installed 2.3MW on the rooftops […]

Victoria utility installs first large-scale solar system on water tank

Wannon Water says 100kW system first to be put on utility water tank in Australia, will provide all power for water treatment facility on sunny days.

South Australia’s stunning transition to consumer-powered grid

Rooftop solar expected to provide more than 20% of local generation by 2025, ushering in transition to consumer focused grid in South Australia. Meanwhile, S.A. begins to benefit from renewables, with prices so far in 2017/18 lower than coal-dominated Victoria and NSW.

Enova launches community “Solar Garden” for those who can’t install

Community-owned retailer Enova invites renters and others who can’t install rooftop solar to invest in a “solar garden” to help slash their bills.