Articles by Giles Parkinson

Queensland regulators want battery storage out of homes, garages

Queensland regulators suggest all battery storage devices be put inside separate enclosures, and not inside homes or garages. Installation costs could soar.

Is Malcolm Turnbull’s solar + storage array enough to go off grid?

The Prime Minister has a lot of solar and a lot of storage at his Point Piper home, and would need a lot more to go off grid. Most households would need more storage.

Five things I’ve learned about solar and storage

Three months after installing rooftop solar and battery storage on the 30-yar-old home I bought early last year, there is absolutely no doubt it has made a huge difference to the nature of my bills, the source of my energy, and the way I use it.

Byron club eyes EV charging stations and storage after big solar install

Byron Bay Services Club considers EV charging station and battery storage after installing a large rooftop solar array.

Best rooftop solar month for two years as Victoria breaks 1GW solar mark

Australia records best month for more than two years for rooftop solar, with WA setting records and Victoria breaking through 1GW rooftop solar mark.

Rooftop solar rebate to reduce in three weeks

The long-standing upfront subsidy for rooftop solar systems will be reduced within a few weeks when the “deeming period” for PV systems declines from 15 years to 14 years.

Sonnen doubles sales as Australia battery storage market takes off

Sonnenbatterie says sales in Australia have doubled and it is now the biggest market outside Europe for the German premium battery storage developer. And even at the top end, prices have fallen to be comparable with grid costs.

Battery storage may have started mass market take-up in Australia

The huge success of a community-based program encouraging solar and battery storage uptake in Australian homes and businesses suggests the battery storage sector may be in the early stages of mass-market uptake. And that’s not all it tells us.

Community solar funding program meets $140,000 target in two days

Community solar funding program gathers pace, meeting latest $140,000 target in just two days to install solar on three local businesses.

Victoria town calls for partners for 100% renewable energy plan

Community energy goes to market: Victoria town of Newstead is seeking expressions of interest to help refine its plan to go 100% renewable energy.