Articles by Giles Parkinson

Victoria utility installs first large-scale solar system on water tank

Wannon Water says 100kW system first to be put on utility water tank in Australia, will provide all power for water treatment facility on sunny days.

South Australia’s stunning transition to consumer-powered grid

Rooftop solar expected to provide more than 20% of local generation by 2025, ushering in transition to consumer focused grid in South Australia. Meanwhile, S.A. begins to benefit from renewables, with prices so far in 2017/18 lower than coal-dominated Victoria and NSW.

Enova launches community “Solar Garden” for those who can’t install

Community-owned retailer Enova invites renters and others who can’t install rooftop solar to invest in a “solar garden” to help slash their bills.

ESB told to ignore climate, as lobby groups muscle in on policy

Energy Security Board instructed to ignore Paris climate goals as main business lobby group asks for seat at table in talks around proposed National Energy Guarantee. This comes as more confirmation received on hurried and secret proposals, and as Coalition launches another scare campaign about renewable energy costs.

Upstream completes largest rooftop solar PPA – 4MW across 70 stores

Upstream Energy has nearly finished installation of 4MW of rooftop solar across more than 70 stores for Beacon Lighting. Beacon didn’t have to pay a cent, and is saving 25% on its bill. And the landlords are happy too – ending up with a free rooftop solar installation.

Our lives as load defectors – our first full year with solar and storage

It has been 12 months since we installed solar and two small battery storage units at our home. This is what we learned in our year of load defection.

Horizon Power takes Exmouth golf club off the grid, to save money

WA regional utility takes Exmouth Golf Club off the grid, and supplies solar and storage in order to save costs.

Sonnen waives monthly fees for battery customers in new deal with installers

Sonnen offers “free energy” for households using approved installers, and says it has 2,000 battery sales so far in 2017 and keen to play FCAS market.

WA’s biggest pig farm about to go 100 per cent renewable energy

WA’s biggest piggery operator to add wind and storage to existing solar arrays in push to 100 per cent renewable energy supply.

Australia’s biggest solar retailer forced to replace non-compliant panels

Euro Solar forced to surrender STCs or replace PV modules after being found to have installed non-compliant solar panels, as part of a Clean Energy Regulator crackdown on Australia’s rooftop solar industry.