Articles by Giles Parkinson

Victoria regulator lifts fixed rooftop solar tariff, slashes peak rate

Essential Services Commission ups rooftop solar tariffs for minimum “single rate” in Victoria, but slashes the peak rate for solar exports by more than half.

Battery powered home and car: The fossil fuel era is fading

NSW hinterland luxury rental home with 10kW solar, two Tesla Powerwall batteries, and a Model X EV, seeks to demonstrate Tesla’s vision of the new energy and transport future. So how does it shape up?

Mineral Resources to install big battery at Mt Marion lithium mine

Mineral Resources installs battery at its Mt Marion lithium mine to reduce gas burning, and is looking to hydrogen, more batteries and solar to reduce costs of fossil fuels.

AusNet flags hefty connection fees for rooftop solar in Victoria

AusNet says its networks might need to be upgraded as more and more households install rooftop solar. And where it does occur, it wants the new customers to pay for it.

Rooftop solar surges to new record in October, Victoria becomes hot market

Small-scale rooftop solar installations soared to yet another record in October, as Victoria joined NSW to become hottest market in the country and W.A. surged beyond the 1GW mark.

One of Australia’s biggest solar installers to shut up shop

True Value Solar used to be the biggest solar installer in the country. Now, its German shareholders have decided to shut up shop.

Biggest little town looks to revive Australia’s littlest big hydro

Nearly 100 years after town of Mullumbimby got together for the country’s first community owned power plant, it is looking to revive its hydro plant as it pursues 100 per cent renewable energy.

Tesla confirms price hike for Powerwall 2 battery storage, to reflect “better value”

Tesla confirms near 20 per cent jump in price of Powerwall 2 battery storage units, but says more upgrades and improvements are coming.

Ausgrid hopes community storage can help it engage with consumers

Australia’s networks have gone from raising the drawbridge to lowering it, inviting new technologies and ideas on to their platform. And sooner or later they are going to be competing for access to the consumer.

Australia rooftop solar installs surpass 1GW in September, overtaking 2017 total

SunWiz data shows Australia installed another 125MW of small-scale rooftop solar in September, taking total for calendar 2018 to 1.09GW and beating 2017 total with three months to go.