Articles by Giles Parkinson

S.A. network says solar plus battery storage to cost just 15c/kWh

SAPN says price of rooftop solar and battery storage will fall to just 15c/kWh for households, less than half the cost of grid power.

Off-grid with solar and storage in the city – for less than $10,000

Until recently, Australia’s incumbent utilities would have comforted themselves with the thought that going off-grid in a big city was too expensive to contemplate. The continuing fall in the cost of rooftop solar, and the plunging cost of battery storage, has turned that assumption on its head.

Energy goes local as utility people strike out on their own

Three years ago, Adrian Merrick predicted an imminent “inflection point” for big utilities. Now he is about to put that theory into practice with a new community energy proposition.

Solar and storage: LG Chem says it already cheaper than grid

LG Chem says that solar and battery storage is already beating grid power in most states.

Victoria solar feed-in tariff more than doubles to 11.3c/kWh

Victoria solar households to get big lift in payments for exports to the grid, but Greens say households still being sold short.

Car sharing plan launched for Tesla and other EVs

EV rental company launches sharing plan where owners of Tesla and other EVs can help pay off their investments or simply share the love of EV driving.

Queensland regulators want battery storage out of homes, garages

Queensland regulators suggest all battery storage devices be put inside separate enclosures, and not inside homes or garages. Installation costs could soar.

Is Malcolm Turnbull’s solar + storage array enough to go off grid?

The Prime Minister has a lot of solar and a lot of storage at his Point Piper home, and would need a lot more to go off grid. Most households would need more storage.

Five things I’ve learned about solar and storage

Three months after installing rooftop solar and battery storage on the 30-yar-old home I bought early last year, there is absolutely no doubt it has made a huge difference to the nature of my bills, the source of my energy, and the way I use it.

Byron club eyes EV charging stations and storage after big solar install

Byron Bay Services Club considers EV charging station and battery storage after installing a large rooftop solar array.