Articles by Giles Parkinson

NSW councils sign up for Moree solar farm to slash electricity costs

Group of 18 councils in NSW sign up to take the output from Moree solar farm to slash their electricity bills by around one third.

UNSW plays host to first Tesla Powerpacks in Australian university

UNSW is playing host to what it says is the first Tesla Powerpack battery to be installed in an Australian university.

Battery grant for solar homes announced by Victorian government

Victoria Labor government announces subsidies of up to $5k to help 10,000 solar households install battery storage.

SA to offer home battery grants of up to $6000

SA Liberal says Home Battery Scheme will offer $100m in subsidies for up to 40,000 households to install battery storage.

Victoria Labor pledges $1.2 billion in rebates, loans for rooftop solar

Victoria Labor government proposes rebates and zero interest loans to encourage another 650,000 homes to install another 2.6GW of rooftop solar.

ACCC wants federal rooftop solar subsidy abolished by 2021

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – in a report on how electricity consumers have been ripped off by network companies, generators and retailers – has targeted the technology with the least impact, and probably biggest benefit – rooftop solar – for the most dramatic action.

Lightsource BP to enter Australia household solar and battery market

BP’s solar reboot to target Australia’s booming residential solar and battery market, with no-upfront-payment offer.

University of Queensland goes 100% renewable with 64MW solar farm

UQ becomes first major university to source 100% of power needs from its own renewable asset, joins growing list of Australian corporates turning to wind and solar.

Rooftop solar boom marches on, as NSW surges ahead

Another record month of rooftop solar installations in May, as NSW leads the charge to become the clear leader in the market.

Mars goes 100% solar for all six Australian factories

Mars goes 100% renewables in Australia, sourcing all its electricity needs from Kiamal solar farm and renewables “firming” contract.