Articles by James Martin

Happiness is a post-solar electricity bill (Farewell to 2017)

So much for the idea of rooftop solar being a scam. Having panels on my roof is saving me a fair amount of money! Here’s how.

Solar & battery storage: Choosing the right system size

Choosing the right battery size for your home solar and storage system can be really complicated. Here are some tips to help guide the way.

Battery storage price index: November 2017

Solar Choice has published its first Battery Storage Price Index – a generalised view of what it costs to have a battery storage system installed in Australia.

Sonnen’s ‘free’ / flat-rate electricity plan looks great. Is it worth it?

How does Sonnenflat stacks up against the alternatives, like doing nothing; going solar, or; going with another solar & battery system without a custom-made electricity plan?

Why a 5kW solar system probably isn’t ‘too big’ for your home

Two of the most popular residential solar PV system sizes in Australia are 3kW and 5kW. Which system size is the better investment – and why?

2017: The year battery storage started to make sense

To be ‘worth it’ or to ‘break even’ – that is the question around residential battery storage at the moment. Here’s a look at payback by system size.

Is battery storage worth it in your city?

Which Australian capital cities currently have the best conditions for home solar battery storage? We’ve crunched the numbers and ranked them below.

A quick guide to energy management systems

Home energy management systems are fast becoming a popular way to get the most out of solar and batteries. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the various offerings currently available in Australia.

How low do battery prices need to go?

Early adopters are already getting their batteries installed around the country, and it’s only a matter of time before more solar homes do the same. How much further do battery storage prices need to fall before they make sense as an investment?

Solar Choice PV price index: Why bigger could be better

Average solar system prices for Australia’s capital cities rose slightly between September and October, mostly among smaller systems.