Articles by Nigel Morris

Tales from the solar gutter – the dark side of Australia’s rooftop PV boom

It’s boom-time for Australia’s rooftop solar sector, but not everything is rosy. We take a glimpse into the world of “crap solar,” where helping people to save money on their bills is the last thing on the agenda.

Is the CEC Approved Retailer program worth the effort?

There has been a bit of debate, lately, about the merits and purpose of the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer program. So a recap of its goals and objectives might be worthwhile.

Why 2.6GWh of battery storage is achievable in next few years

It has been argued that the CSIRO’s report was “a stitch up” for renewables, and very obviously designed to downplay the benefits, even though almost every scenario the role of renewables resulted in benefits..

Battery storage: Is Australia on track to be the world’s biggest market?

Australia now has around 52GWh of solar storage installed – an incredible result – and could have almost 200GWh by the end of 2017 – a profound result. But it will take some work.

CEC gets ruthless on solar panel quality

Publication of an updated list of approved solar panels which saw an incredible 76% of solar brands no longer listed as approved for use in Australia.

The great Australian solar conundrum, and the dumbing down on quality

We are witnessing a horrible dumbing down and commoditisation of solar and storage in Australia, when it should be the reverse.

Have we massively underestimated the battery storage market?

Newly released survey data suggests we may have dramatically underestimated the take up of battery storage in Australia.

7 things NSW solar customers should consider as premium tariffs end

The good news is solar owners can still continue to get fantastic returns from their solar systems, the less good news is the returns won’t be the same and utility meters will need to be changed in most cases..

Electricity bills are soaring, and that must be good for solar

I had been lead to believe that prices were going to be flat or at worst increasing only slightly, so what on earth is going on?

NSW solar rebate a success for community

The much criticised NSW solar bonus scheme is due to end soon. It cost a lot less than feared – 50c/week to households – and laid the foundations for a clean energy industry.