City of Moreland calls on community to install more solar, drive electric

The City of Moreland in Victoria has unveiled an ambitious zero carbon action plan that calls on constituents to help kickstart its goal of achieving “net zero carbon” across its northern Melbourne suburbs community by 2040.

The draft plan, which will be implemented from 2020/21 – 2024/25 is geared towards taking the local government area to 100 per cent renewable energy and emissions free transport.

Kicking off next year, it has proposed a raft of community-based goals, including to double the amount of solar PV capacity installed across homes and businesses in the local government area, from 22MW to 44MW.

It is also calling on rate-payers to cut their residential energy use from the current average of 4.8KWH per person per day to 4KWH per person per day, and to make the switch from petrol cars to electric vehicles.

Before being finalised, the draft proposals will be subject to extended consultation, over four to five months, with community and stakeholders, the Council says.

“Because Council cannot ‘control’ many of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions within our community, we are inviting everyone: individuals, community groups, schools, businesses and not-for-profit organisations to plan and act – within their sphere of control and influence – to reduce carbon emissions and join the campaign to demand action for a safe climate,” the draft document says.

“To achieve our Vision of a Zero Carbon Moreland by 2040 we need to collaborate with others to build the mass movement required to transform our lifestyles and our politics to recognise and address the climate emergency.”

The Council has its own goals, too, including the progressive installation of 11MW of new solar PV across its facilities.

It is also applying for external co-funding to deliver home upgrades – in thermal comfort and/or solar PV – for around 500 social housing or low-income households across Moreland.


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