Graph of the Day: Most rooftop solar in Queensland now gets low "retail" tariff

The amount of rooftop solar capacity in Queensland receiving the state’s now defunct premium feed in tariffs of 44c/kWh has been overtaken by the total of rooftop solar now receiving the retail rate of around 6c/kWh.
The data was released by Energex this week as part of its monthly update of solar installations in south-east Queensland, which now totals 1,174MW, on 325,164 homes and businesses.
Of this, 172,753 consumers remain connected on the premium FiT scheme, totalling 539MW, which has fallen significantly from above 600MW at the peak. Houses lose the premium tariff upon a change of ownership or change in system.
There are now 147,583 consumers connected on the retail FiT scheme, totalling 557MW, with more than 2,500 homes and businesses adding 17.4MW rooftop solar systems in the last month.

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