Image of the Day: Have Tesla Powerpack – "who needs Ergon?"

Last week, we published this story about a north Queensland business with 100 employees that was in the process of taking its operations off-grid with rooftop PV, a Tesla Powerpack battery system and a combination of smart energy management technology.
Yesterday, Linked Group Services’ Linked Powerhouse was cooking with solar and storage, and posted some pretty cool images of the all but finished off-grid product, all lit up at night.
Really, the pictures – posted on the company’s Facebook page – speak a thousand words. But we thought the words accompanying the pictures were pretty cool, too:

As we reported last week, the finished product will have around 100kW of solar – 8kW on a solar car port, another 18kW on a solar patio, 20kW on a storage shed and 45-50kW on the main building, including “glass/glass” modules on windows (pictured above).
There will also be 100kWh of battery storage from Tesla, which Linked Group Services CEO and founder Jason Sharam claims is the first off-grid Powerpack to be installed in Australia.
For back-up, there is a Capstone C60 Microturbine, which runs on natural gas (and potentially stn-gas at a later date). And the building site will also use geothermal air-conditioning
The smarts behind the generation and storage capacity are a combination of Fronius and Enphase inverters, and software that will give the team full control of the system, and capture all of its data.
But best of all, it all stacks up economically. To find out how, read the original article here.


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