Rooftop solar is contagious – here's the proof

We know, from the data, that Australian households are installing rooftop solar at an increasingly rapid rate. Last week, the latest report from network operator Energex showed the total installed capacity of rooftop solar in south-east Queensland had passed the 1GW mark.
But the images below, taken by ASX-listed aerial imaging company Nearmap, offer an insight into how this boom has been unfolding in Australia’s suburbs. The photographs, in this case of a neighbourhood in the Queensland suburb of Carina, show how when one house installed solar panels, households around it soon followed suit.
The first image, below, was taken just five years ago in 2010, and shows no rooftop solar systems. In the second image, a year later, we see one house in the neighbourhood has installed solar.  And the rest, as they say, is history.
Carina QLD Sept 2010
Carina QLD June 2011
Carin QLD May 2012
Carina QLD Aug 2013
Carin QLD July 2014

Carina QLD July 2015
Carina QLD July 2015

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