Solar Choice PV price index: Why bigger could be better

Solar Choice
Average solar system prices for Australia’s capital cities rose slightly (to $1.63/W) between September and October. Price increases were seen primarily among smaller systems (1.5kW5kW) in a handful of cities, while 10kW system prices remained steady.
The figures in the tables below are based on quoted prices from our network of 100+ installers across Australia. All prices in the tables below are after the STC incentive has been applied and inclusive of GST; they represent the total retail cost of having the system installed.
Average quoted price by city and system sizeaverage-solar-system-prices-oct-2016

Prices for each system size are colour-coded. (Dark red for highest, dark green for lowest, yellow for mid-range prices.)

Median dollar-per-watt solar system prices

Median solar system prices (per watt) for all cities and system sizes, colour-coded from low (dark green) to high (dark red).

Historic price trends by system size (since January 2016)

re-1-5kw-solar-system-prices-oct-2016re-2kw-solar-system-prices-oct-2016 re-3kw-solar-system-prices-oct-2016 re-4kw-solar-system-prices-oct-2016 re-5kw-solar-system-prices-oct-2016 re-10kw-solar-system-prices-oct-2016

Historic price trends: All system sizes (since January 2016)

(The table below does not incorporate system pricing data for Darwin.)



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