Solar Insiders Podcast June 8

What to make of the scare campaign against rooftop solar and “blackouts”; one company loses its module shipment overboard; and an interview with Selectronic.
What to make of the scare campaign against rooftop solar and the threat of “blackouts”?
On Solar Insiders, we’ve talked often about the need for visibility, connectivity and data visualisation to help and hasten the shift to a clean, distributed grid, but do we really need scare campaigns about potential blackouts to get us there?
What’s that about? We look at the mood at the network’s knees-up in Sydney this week, and how the big monopoly businesses intend to deal, or not, with the energy disruption.
Also in this episode, it turns out that toilet rolls, nappies, and plastics weren’t the only things lost overboard in the big seas off Sydney last week, one company also lost its latest shipment of solar modules.
And we discuss Nigel’s week of off-grid living in a remote cabin with yellowing, 30-year old panels, we have an interview with industry veteran Rod Scott of Selectronic, and his company’s recent landmark, and the latest on interesting deals, dud technology, and some very exciting news for EV enthusiasts.
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