Solar Insiders Podcast: What is going on in Victoria?

There’s a lot happening in the solar industry in Victoria at the moment. The state government’s rebate scheme has lit a fire under the industry, and Victoria has been the strongest market in the country for the last few months.
But not everyone is happy. Regulators are cracking down on who is eligible to provide services in the Solar Victoria program, and safety standards are being tightened, or at least finally enforced. And while that has caused some angst, the biggest outrage is reserved for the network operators who are limiting solar systems, capping their exports, or refusing them altogether.
Networks say they are overwhelmed and blame problems in their online applications. Everyone else says they need to try harder.
All this and more in the latest Solar Insiders podcast, which you can find here or on your favourite platform, along with past episodes and our Energy Insiders and The Driven podcasts.
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