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Off-grid with solar and storage in the city – for less than $10,000

Until recently, Australia’s incumbent utilities would have comforted themselves with the thought that going off-grid in a big city was too expensive to contemplate. The continuing fall in the cost of rooftop solar, and the plunging cost of battery storage, has turned that assumption on its head.

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Batteries arrive for Horizon’s grid-scale “spinning reserve” trial

Two large-scale batteries will be trialled as back-up power at an islanded 17MW power station in Carnarvon WA.

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Solar + storage microgrids to power two WA indigenous communities

A JV between Energy Made Clean and Aboriginal corporation Eastern Guruma has won the contract to install solar and battery storage microgrids at two Fitzroy Valley communities.

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Battery price war sees Tesla Powerwall 2 beaten even before first deliveries

Battery storage prices are trending downward as newcomers to the Australian market follow the Tesla Powerwall 2 to lower and lower price points.

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Queensland regulators want battery storage out of homes, garages

Queensland regulators suggest all battery storage devices be put inside separate enclosures, and not inside homes or garages. Installation costs could soar.

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Melbourne’s first Tesla Powerwall home battery system – one year on

Nearly one year ago, Greens MP Greg Barber installed 5kW of solar alongside Melbourne's first 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall home battery. Here's a look at how it has performed.

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Is Malcolm Turnbull’s solar + storage array enough to go off grid?

The Prime Minister has a lot of solar and a lot of storage at his Point Piper home, and would need a lot more to go off grid. Most households would need more storage.

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People’s Powerwall: Solar + Tesla battery storage crowd-funded for Melbourne community centre

Crowdfunding helps deliver 40kW solar plus 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall battery storage system for Footscray Community Arts Centre.

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Australian battery price war resumes, with Powerwall 2 delivery just ‘weeks away’

With the first shipment of Tesla's Powerwall 2 battery systems set to hit Australian shores, prices of home energy storage continue to tumble, shifting the target market from early adopters, to the "early majority".

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Households will power half the grid by 2050, networks admit

Report from Australia's main network lobby and CSIRO suggests that by 2050, nearly half of all future generation – and storage – will be on site in homes, business and communities.

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