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Australia’s new solar ‘burbs’ – where rooftop PV is mandatory

New suburb in the ACT has laid claim to being Australia’s first to have made a minimum of 3kW rooftop solar mandatory on every new-build home. And now they're adding battery storage, too.

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Enphase may add back-up capability to batteries as sales fall short

Enphase concedes it won't meet its ambitious sales targets for its first year, as many consumers wait for further price falls. But it is considering adding "back-up" capacity in its next generation product.

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Redflow admits it can’t match lithium batteries on price in home market

Flow battery storage manufacturer Redflow abandons bulk home battery market due to price issues, to focus on bigger installations in commercial, industrial and off-grid sector.

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Get data before spending up on home energy infrastructure

I'm not sure batteries are a club that I or any other home energy consumer should be rushing to join... At least not until some of the fog clears.

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Redflow suspends battery delivery so it can address product failures

ASX-listed battery maker Redflow discovers electrolyte problems at pivotal time of home battery storage roll-out.

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Selectronic joins forces with LG Chem in booming battery storage market

LG Chem's RESU home battery systems to team with Selectronic's Australian made SP PRO inverters – a tech duo to challenge the Tesla Powerwall 2.

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Tesla adds energy monitoring to mobile app as customers await Powerwall 2 delivery

Tesla mobile app update allows Powerwall owners to monitor and manage their solar and battery storage “power flow”.

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VSUN eyes household market for vanadium batteries, and local manufacturing

VSUN looks to household market for vanadium redox flow batteries, and to a local manufacturing facility to help reduce prices.

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Off-grid with solar and storage in the city – for less than $10,000

Until recently, Australia’s incumbent utilities would have comforted themselves with the thought that going off-grid in a big city was too expensive to contemplate. The continuing fall in the cost of rooftop solar, and the plunging cost of battery storage, has turned that assumption on its head.

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Batteries arrive for Horizon’s grid-scale “spinning reserve” trial

Two large-scale batteries will be trialled as back-up power at an islanded 17MW power station in Carnarvon WA.

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