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A Tesla as the family car? Nothing ludicrous about it

Can an all electric vehicle be used as the family run-about? We tested the theory using a Tesla Model S, pretended the price tag was more like a Model 3, and came to these conclusions...

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Tesla chauffeur service set to expand with new high profile investor

Sydney Tesla chauffeur service to add more EVs, expand to Melbourne after tech guru Simon Hackett buys 10% stake.

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Blue Mountains luxury resort adds electric vehicles to the mix

Blue Mountains resort is offering guests use of two BMW electric vehicles, powered by on-site fast charging, as part of the "luxury" experience.

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WA solar installer teams with EV company to offer “complete package”

Infinite Energy says partnership with JET Charge will "complete the picture" for customers, adding EV charging to solar, battery storage and retail electricity offering.

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Mercedes Benz set to launch home battery storage in Australia

Mercedez Benz to launch its 2.5kWh lithium-ion home battery storage units in Australia in September.

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Zero emissions Tesla taxi service takes off in Sydney

Sydney-based taxi service offering "luxury transfers" in Tesla Model S electric vehicles grows four-fold in 12 months, looks to expand around Australia.

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Nissan sees future with EV-powered grid. But if they build it, will consumers connect?

Nissan explores how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, autonomous drive technology and the internet could combine to revolutionise how consumers use energy. But how close is this to reality?

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All-electric bus unveiled in Melbourne, heading to Sydney on one charge

A newly unveiled all-electric Australian bus will drive 1004km from Melbourne to Sydney on a single charge, in its first official road test.

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Made in the shade: Solar + storage = two EVs in leafy suburbs of Melbourne

Rooftop solar and storage system installed in leafy Victorian suburb overcame shading problems to produce and store enough solar energy to power two electric vehicles, including a Tesla.

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A Tesla’s 9,000kms journey through Queensland without super-charger network – Part 4

Our intrepid Tesla Model S owner continues his trip north in Queensland in this final part of the series. Defying the naysayers in pursuit of a three-phase socket and a suitable charging point.

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