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Off grid on a shoe-string: 30 years of DIY solar and storage

I have been off grid for over 30 years, starting with just one 40W panel made in Australia from American components. Now an age pensioner, I finally have all the appliances I only used to dream of - like an electric fridge, a washing machine, e-bikes and trikes, power tools.

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A cautionary tale on rooftop solar: who pays the price for weak industry regulations?

When a now defunct solar company installed non-genuine solar panels on nearly 200 homes in regional NSW and Qld, Greenbank – the aggregator of the solar credits for those panels – stepped in to right the wrong, despite having no hand in the blame. The question, now, is who will stop it from happening again?

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SunEdison targets Australian market with exclusive panel offering

After a horror couple of months, SunEdison launches onto Australian market with exclusive offer of low-cost, high efficiency solar panel.

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