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Payback vs rates of return: How to judge the value of your rooftop solar

In most cases, investing in a domestic solar PV system or in energy savings measures has become a positive financial investment. The question is: how good is the investment?

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Get in on the ground floor: how apartments can join the solar boom

Getting your strata committee to agree to solar panels is tricky, but it can be done.

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Rooftop solar’s new boom – when installing PV becomes a no-brainer

Falling technology costs and yet another hike in electricity prices are combining to make rooftop solar an economic no-brainer for most Australian households and businesses. Just ask Cory Bernardi.

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‘Coal flowers’ with 6.8kW of solar petals? It’s child’s play

Australia’s oldest adventure playground is now powered by solar, from a a stunning new playscape made of old coal plant parts and cutting edge PV technology.

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NAB, CEFC extend green loan scheme as farmers flock to solar, efficiency

CEFC commits a further $180m to extend NAB Energy Efficient Bonus program, after huge success with Australian farmers.

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Indonesia’s pioneering community-owned off-grid PV: A model for the future?

A 1.2 MW hybrid plant is currently under development in a remote area of Indonesia aiming to provide 24-hours access to electricity for about 400 households in three villages.

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Queensland govt kicks off solar trial for low-income, rental households

Qld govt scheme to use rooftop solar to cut the electricity costs of low income and rental households has begun being rolled out in the south-east, with plans to extend the trial throughout the state.

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2MW solar plant powers Jordan refugee camp – a world first

Syrian refugees at the UNHCR's Azraq camp in Jordan have electricity for the first time in 2.5 years, after a 2MW solar PV plant – funded by IKEA – was switched on this week.

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“Nuts” electricity market drives new rooftop solar boom – with side of battery storage

An electricity market "about as bad as you can get" has helped put household solar – and storage – back in the spotlight of Australia's renewables shift, prompting forecasts of "massive growth."

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“Mobile solar” plants to challenge diesel for use in mines, construction sites

Australian developed solar technology that aims to tackle the dominance of diesel generators in the temporary power market will be tested at the 1MW scale in New South Wales, off the back of a new grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

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