People power: Citizens could drive Europe’s energy transition

New EU study finds that 83% of European households could eventually become “energy citizens.” Nearly two-thirds of them, so roughly half of all households, could make their own energy.

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Akamai’s network to be powered by the sun and wind

Akamai explains how it will source renewable energy for 50 per cent of its network operations - an approach that can be a model for other companies with similar small-scale, distributed operations.

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It takes a village: Why community energy is vital to a 100% renewable Australia

The transition to 100 per cent renewables for Australia is inevitable, say the authors of a major new report. The only question is how quickly and how fairly it will be done – and that's where community energy comes in.

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Can Victoria build a new town, from scratch, off grid?

Plans to build a completely new, completely sustainable and off-grid community in Victoria's Gippsland Lakes district are gathering momentum. But can they win the approval of state government?

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Yahoo’s pursuit of green power: companies sign up for economic alternatives

The newly constructed 48 MW Alexander Wind Farm will go online in December, and nearly half of the project will go to a familiar corporate name: Yahoo.

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