Articles by Dave Southgate

Personal air conditioning: A low energy option for keeping your cool

Can portable, personal cooling devices keep you cool in summer? And what are the potential energy/carbon benefits? I tested two quite different personal air conditioners.

How to make serious cuts in home heating costs – and stay warm

Rarely do we hear about policies designed to help people, particularly those with limited means, reduce the amount of energy they use to keep warm inside their homes. But it can be done.

To seal or not to seal: The dangers of a draught-proof home

At the moment it is de rigeur to try to seal off every last little crack in the envelope of one’s house in order to save energy. But there is another side to this issue: you also have to breathe!

Space heating and cooling our homes – time for a rethink?

With space heating beginning to look like a high carbon option, can ‘person’ heating make a comeback? Developments in radiant heating technology suggest it can.

Lessons in automatically solar charging an electric car

How easy is it to achieve fossil fuel free motoring with an electric car today? Here’s how our family approached the problem – and found success.

A journey to fossil fuel freedom – no heat pumps required

Despite what the experts say, the path to fossil fuel freedom does not always lead to heat pumps. Our family took the road less travelled and discovered a couple of innovative – yet simple – renewable heating and hot water solutions.