Articles by Elisa Wood

California winery microgrid wins top environmental award

Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyards and Winery, home of a microgrid noted for its performance during the California wildfires last year, now has received an additional accolade.

What is electricity resilience worth to you?

As the global microgrid market takes off, It’s crucial each customer knows what power loss costs them as they weigh their need for a microgrid.

Tiny island lands big catch with solar plus storage microgrid

Cuttyhunk witnessed New England’s whale oil industry give way to kerosene and incandescent light bulbs. Now the tiny island is deep in another energy revolution — reducing diesel use by way of a solar plus storage microgrid.

Hurricane Harvey creates new abnormal for the electric grid

Stories are emerging about microgrids and distributed energy systems keeping critical services up and running despite Hurricane Harvey’s best efforts to do them in.

“A glimpse into the energy future” with NY affordable housing microgrid

New York has unveiled a groundbreaking project that brings microgrid technology – rooftop solar + fuel cell + lithium battery – to the city’s affordable housing stock.

Has the microgrid industry crossed ‘the chasm’?

The success of two unusual US microgrid projects is good news, but it’s still not clear whether microgrids have leapt ‘the chasm’ – a pivotal step in a disruptive technology’s market evolution.

Resorting to solar and storage: When the view is perfect, but the grid isn’t

Resorts that use solar plus storage are on the rise, as remote vacation spots try to attract green leaning patrons and guarantee their comfort.

How to make microgrid economics work

Turns out making microgrid economics work is increasingly possible. It’s a matter of ‘stacking value.’

Siemens partners with NY startup on blockchain microgrid

Siemens throws its weight behind the New York based blockchain microgrid start-up that has just set up office in Australia.

Microgrids aren’t being built fast enough: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew made a blunt case for microgrids last week as it toppled thousands of electric poles and wires across four American states.