Articles by Giles Parkinson and Sophie Vorrath

New standard could restrict and add costs to extra solar and battery storage

New Australia-wide standard gives networks power to limit size of household solar systems – and could push up prices for AC-coupled battery storage products from Tesla, Enphase, Selectronic and others.

Households will power half the grid by 2050, networks admit

Report from Australia’s main network lobby and CSIRO suggests that by 2050, nearly half of all future generation – and storage – will be on site in homes, business and communities.

Solar households miss out as big generators profit from price hikes

Australia’s biggest utilities are passing on the surging cost of the country’s predominantly coal-fired grid to consumers at the start of the new financial year, but it seems pretty clear that many solar households are missing out.

The sweet spot for battery storage? How the numbers stack up

There is a lot of talk about the ability of battery storage to take households and businesses off the grid. But how do the numbers for battery storage stack up for the majority that will remain connected to the grid?