Articles by Giles Parkinson

Solar PV costs to fall another 25 per cent in three years

Canadian Solar, one of the big three solar manufacturers, says solar PV costs to fall 25% in three years as module efficiencies improve.

Would Darryl from The Castle buy battery storage?

Tell ‘em they’re dreaming! That’s what Darryl from the film The Castle would say when knocking back a “great deal”. But what would he make of the new battery storage offerings?

How quickly will households pick up battery storage?

How quickly will households adopt battery storage, and will they be able to use Tesla to get off the grid?

Five graphs that show how battery storage will appeal to households

Five graphs that show why battery storage will appeal to Australian households, and will damage the bottom line of Australian utilities.

Morgan Stanley sees 2.4m Australia homes with battery storage

Morgan Stanley says battery storage market could be worth $24bn, with half of all homes interested. It says Tesla Powerwall will deliver paybacks of 6 years or less in some states, and that is bad news for major utilities, whose earnings will be impacted.

Budget 2015: Coalition opens solar market to “Tony’s Tradies”

The tax break offered by the Abbott government to “Tony’s Tradies” could see big lift in rooftops solar installations. This comes as Bloomberg New Energy Finance says it will lift its forecast PV installations in Australia. It imagines every available building to have solar by 2030.

Defence Housing to create solar suburb in Darwin, ready for EVs

New development to create 337kW solar suburb, producing 600,000kWh of electricity a year and saving Defence members more than $4.1m in electricity costs.

Tech guru Simon Hackett installs storage to take office complex off-grid

Australian battery technology developer Redflow says it has made the first Australian sale of its commercial large scale energy storage system, albeit to its own company director Simon Hackett, the tech guru who will install it in a renovated office complex in Adelaide as part of longer term plans to take the office off-grid. Redflow […]

Why battery system costs may fall 3x faster than solar PV

Everyone, it seems, agrees that battery storage is the next big thing to affect global energy markets. What is not agreed upon is the timing. Some think this may happen in a few years, others in a decade or more. Some think it is happening now. The big question for many is how quickly battery […]

Communities take lead on renewable energy as big projects stall

The market for large-scale renewable energy projects may well be at a standstill in Australia, but at the community level, things are happening quickly. Dozens of projects have emerged as state governments tap into local ideas, offering grants for innovative projects that allow solar and other renewables to be developed at a local level, for […]