Articles by Giles Parkinson

Household and business rooftop solar PV forecasts – state by state

AEMO’s state by state, medium and long term solar PV forecasts have been upgraded significantly from last year in almost every instance.

Rooftop solar to cut total grid demand to zero in South Australia

Energy market operator says rooftop solar will grow to the point where there is zero demand from the grid in South Australia during midday hours, and could provide one third of all generation throughout the year. Little wonder the state is considered to be leading the world in renewable energy adoption.

What if every house had solar PV, and every car was electric?

New Zealand’s biggest power generator imagines a scenario where every home had solar PV, and every car was electric. And it sees no problems.

Tesla already forcing down battery storage prices in Australia

Tesla announcement has already forced battery storage pricing in Australia to come down by one third, with further rapid falls to follow.

Why new housing estates and whole towns will go off grid

New housing estates in Australia may be built without a connection to the main grid, offering instead free electricity – and even free electric vehicles – to residents. Meanwhile, numerous towns are looking to buy back their grid from networks. Welcome to the new world of micro-grids.

Bakken Hale: Largest solar-battery off-grid home in the world

91-year-old medical entrepreneur installs largest solar and battery storage array for an off-grid home. Hawaii and Australia seen as biggest off-grid markets.

Australia facing ‘iPhone’ moment with home battery storage

Australia has all the ingredients to be world’s leading market on battery storage: Lots of solar, high prices, and a consumer base that is cost conscious and distrustful of incumbents. Add in a flash consumer product, and it has all the elements of an iPhone style revolution.

Panasonic signs battery storage deal with 3 Australian utilities

Panasonic targets Australia as first global market for battery storage, in deal with 3 utilities to trial 8kWh system. It says storage will double self consumption of solar households, but it intends to sell product through networks and retailers, challenging their business models.

AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020s

AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020, and is not sure Tesla product is suitable for Australia. It concedes it is behind in rooftop solar, but argues this is just one of basket of new technologies that will change consumer energy use. And it doesn’t fear for its coal assets.

Panasonic to roll out PV battery storage systems in Australia

Panasonic to roll out battery storage for solar in Australia