Articles by Giles Parkinson

Bakken Hale: Largest solar-battery off-grid home in the world

91-year-old medical entrepreneur installs largest solar and battery storage array for an off-grid home. Hawaii and Australia seen as biggest off-grid markets.

Australia facing ‘iPhone’ moment with home battery storage

Australia has all the ingredients to be world’s leading market on battery storage: Lots of solar, high prices, and a consumer base that is cost conscious and distrustful of incumbents. Add in a flash consumer product, and it has all the elements of an iPhone style revolution.

Panasonic signs battery storage deal with 3 Australian utilities

Panasonic targets Australia as first global market for battery storage, in deal with 3 utilities to trial 8kWh system. It says storage will double self consumption of solar households, but it intends to sell product through networks and retailers, challenging their business models.

AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020s

AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020, and is not sure Tesla product is suitable for Australia. It concedes it is behind in rooftop solar, but argues this is just one of basket of new technologies that will change consumer energy use. And it doesn’t fear for its coal assets.

Panasonic to roll out PV battery storage systems in Australia

Panasonic to roll out battery storage for solar in Australia

SA network wants solar homes to pay $100/year more for grid

SA network operator dares to go where Qld and WA governments feared to tread – higher network charges for solar households. The network justifies this by changing demand profiles, but will also look to shift hot water and pool pump use to daytime to make up for lost demand caused by PV production.

Solar PV costs to fall another 25 per cent in three years

Canadian Solar, one of the big three solar manufacturers, says solar PV costs to fall 25% in three years as module efficiencies improve.

Would Darryl from The Castle buy battery storage?

Tell ‘em they’re dreaming! That’s what Darryl from the film The Castle would say when knocking back a “great deal”. But what would he make of the new battery storage offerings?

How quickly will households pick up battery storage?

How quickly will households adopt battery storage, and will they be able to use Tesla to get off the grid?

Five graphs that show how battery storage will appeal to households

Five graphs that show why battery storage will appeal to Australian households, and will damage the bottom line of Australian utilities.