Articles by Giles Parkinson

LG Chem pushes Australian battery storage prices further down the curve

New 6.4kWh system from LG Chem brings costs at top end of the range down towards $1,000kWh, reinforcing the growing wedge between solar and storage and grid prices.

Introducing One Step Off The Grid

RenewEconomy is proud to introduce its new consumer-focused publication, One Step Off The Grid – helping households, businesses and communities navigate the energy revolution.

Why bigger businesses are joining rush to add rooftop solar PV

Large businesses often cut good deals for electricity from utilities, but rooftop solar is now offering returns of 18% per annum, and the market is poised to boom.

Solar and battery storage already cheaper than grid power in Australia

Leading BNEF analyst says solar + storage unstoppable, because they are already cheaper for Australian households to install than electricity from the grid.

Abbott war on rooftop solar to drive up cost to homes, businesses

Attempt by Abbott government to stop Clean Energy Finance Corporation co-financing rooftop solar is likely to make rooftop solar a lot more more expensive for those homes and businesses who have yet to install the technology, and who cannot afford to buy the systems outright.

Why NSW homes may lead in uptake of battery storage

Some 160,000 homes in NSW will lose their premium feed in tariffs for solar in 18 months. Here’s why battery storage may look an attractive option.

South Australia to double Adelaide City incentives for battery storage

South Australia government doubles funding available for City of Adelaide battery storage initiative, potentially injecting 600kWh of storage into CBD.

AGL offering 7.2kWh battery storage at under $10,000

AGL Energy is offering battery storage systems at a steep discount to even wholesale prices. But there may be method to their madness, locking in customers for the long term and reaping benefits from battery storage systems. But it underpins the potential for battery storage costs to fall quickly and sharply.

Network charges may penalise uptake of battery storage, as well as PV

Australian networks are also penalising solar households, now it looks like they will do the same with those that add battery storage. The trend among some electricity networks to penalise or discourage the uptake of rooftop solar by imposing fixed tariffs or additional fees is now extending to battery storage, with one network accused of […]

Regulator wants to slash Victoria solar tariff by 20 per cent

Victoria regulator wants minimum feed-in-tariff paid for surplus rooftop solar output fed back into grid be cut dramatically. Victorian energy regulator the Essential Services Commission has recommended that the minimum feed-in-tariff paid for surplus rooftop solar output fed back into the grid be cut to 5c/kWh from the current level of 6.2c/kWh in 2016. The […]