Articles by Sophie Vorrath

A cautionary tale on rooftop solar: who pays the price for weak industry regulations?

When a now defunct solar company installed non-genuine solar panels on nearly 200 homes in regional NSW and Qld, Greenbank – the aggregator of the solar credits for those panels – stepped in to right the wrong, despite having no hand in the blame. The question, now, is who will stop it from happening again?

Ayers Rock Resort to get 15% of power needs from sun, with installation of 1.8MW solar array

CEFC funded 1.8MW rooftop solar array installed at Ayers Rock Resort in Central Australia will supply 15 per cent of the huge complex’s energy needs, cut its dependence on diesel.

NY community microgrid to allow peer-to-peer rooftop solar trading

A start-up called the Brooklyn Microgrid is developing a ground-breaking software and hardware platform that will allow locally connected residents to buy and sell renewable energy from rooftop solar installations.

Nissan sees future with EV-powered grid. But if they build it, will consumers connect?

Nissan explores how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, autonomous drive technology and the internet could combine to revolutionise how consumers use energy. But how close is this to reality?

Shared solar start-up in renewed push to get PV on rented rooftops

Developers of shared solar technology unveil new digital platform to make path to solar less complicated for Australia’s 2.4m rental properties, calculating size of system, savings and ROI.

Victoria looks to accelerate rooftop solar by cutting red tape

State government acts to make it quicker and easier for Victorian households and small businesses wishing to install rooftop solar, with Bill that will reduce the wait for connection by up to 55 days.

WA bushfire victims taken off-grid – by network

Four landowners in the bushfire affected WA town of Esperance have taken up an offer from Horizon Power to go off-grid, using stand-alone solar plus battery storage and back-up diesel generators.

What’s driving regional West Australians off the grid? A solar installer’s view

WA solar installer says increasing consumer concern about future risk – both in terms of what power bills will look like, and the services they’re going to get from the grid – is shifting attitudes to going off grid in regional areas.

200 reasons why people choose “Life Off Grid” – and why most of us shouldn’t

Canadian documentary “Life Off Grid” asks more than 200 people why they decided to quit the grid. We talked to film producer Phillip Vannini about the types of “off-gridder” and why he now thinks going off grid is not the answer to the world’s energy problems.

Redflow sets up Adelaide “battery lab” ahead of home storage launch

Redflow has established a battery lab in Kent Town Adelaide, to support the imminent launch of its residential zinc bromine flow battery, and to ensure it works with a range of inverters.

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