Articles by Sophie Vorrath

The world’s largest virtual power plant: What’s in it for consumers?

Sunverge, the US-based energy management company supplying the “brains” for AGL’s 5MW virtual power plant, explains how the project will benefit consumers.

Are you making the most of your rooftop solar? Not likely

Despite having the world’s highest per-capita penetration of rooftop solar – only a tiny percentage of those PV systems are being monitored for performance. So what are Australian consumers missing? And how can they get out of the shade?

Kangaroos add 200kW solar system at North Melbourne HQ

AFL team Kangaroos will cut grid power consumption by nearly 25% with 200kW solar system installed at Nth Melbourne HQ.

WA solar installer teams with EV company to offer “complete package”

Infinite Energy says partnership with JET Charge will “complete the picture” for customers, adding EV charging to solar, battery storage and retail electricity offering.

Tesla releases full list of Model X prices ahead of EV’s arrival in Australia

While the car is yet arrive on Australian shores, the full list of prices for Tesla’s Model X has been released, ranging from $A120,000 – $A210,000.

Electricity consumers are switching off – and here’s why

Major Australian survey paints a picture of an electricity market where consumers are not seeing value from their service providers, so are looking elsewhere to find it – a trend that will drive battery storage uptake and could double rooftop solar penetration in most states and territories.

Plans for Victoria’s ‘largest’ community solar farm set to double in size

Developers of a 10MW community solar project proposed for regional Victoria say they will now apply to build a 20MW solar farm, in response to high levels of interest in the project.

Ausgrid to fast-track household solar and battery installs, cut costs by $200

NSW network operator unveils plans to fast-track installation of solar and battery systems up to 30kW, saving customers more than $200 on applications.

Installation begins on 500kW solar array for Canberra Hospital

ACT govt-funded installation of 500kW solar array is underway at Canberra Hospital, part of project that will save it $490,000 by 2017-18.

Musk’s energy master plan: Is this the beginning of the end of the utility?

Elon Musk wants to take his vision of a “smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just works, empowering the individual as their own utility” to a global scale. With Australia already targeted as a key battery market by Tesla, should its utilities be worried?