To add battery storage, or not to add battery storage…

The economics of battery storage depends where you live and who you live with, and if you are allowed to share energy. For some Australian households, battery storage could make sense as soon as 2018.

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Lorraine, 80, has solar and storage. Now she wants an electric vehicle

Lorraine Hughes was enjoying solar power long before it became mainstream, but since her retirement took herself back to university and has become an environmental educator. Now, she'd like an electric vehicle.

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Crowd-funding pitch for off-grid solar + storage system at camp that saves lives

Balunu Foundation seeks $40,000 for off-grid solar + storage system that can slash diesel costs and help save lives of teenagers at risk.

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US group SimpliPhi joins rush to Australian battery storage market

Another US battery storage contender enters booming Australian market, with lithium ferrous phosphate batteries said to rival the Tesla Powerwall.

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King Island achieves 100% renewables for 33 hours straight

Hydro Tasmania's world-leading hybrid solar, wind and energy storage plant on King Island supplied 100 per cent renewables to the community for nearly two days straight, this month.

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Redflow makes push for renewables and battery storage for Oz mines

Australian battery maker Redflow says mining industry should be coupling large-scale battery storage with renewable energy to cut costs and quit the grid.

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Solar boss takes Queensland home off-grid, with a 7.5 year payback

The head of a Queensland solar company is taking his home off-grid, using a Samsung 10.8kWh battery storage - the first time it has been used this way. Steve Madson says his move off-grid is being forced by huge network charges, and he expects many others to follow.

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Community renewables development guide launched by Victorian govt

Victorian government launches guide to help community groups make informed decisions about establishing renewable energy projects, including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, bioenergy and energy storage technologies.

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Community solar bulk-buy scheme launched in City of Port Phillip

A council backed bulk solar scheme in inner Melbourne is offering 300 discounted rooftop solar systems, and the option for battery storage, to local homes and businesses.

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Sydney Hindu temple installs 26kW solar system, plans to add batteries

Sydney Hindu community group installs 26kW solar system on temple in the city's west, and plans to add more panels and battery storage in future.

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