Tesla battery storage – sold out, charged up and possibly over-hyped

If you are an Australian householder and you haven’t already got your order in for a Tesla PowerWall battery storage system, you may have to wait a while.

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How rooftop solar and battery storage actually works

For those not so technically minded, this is a guide to solar plus storage. The output of a solar PV systems (solar panels plus inverter) produce power proportional to the solar energy coming from the sun. This energy is instantly converted into electricity that can be used in the home or business.   As appliances […]

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Greening a grid-connect suburban home with small scale energy storage

Going off grid doesn’t necessarily mean a large solar system powering your entire home.

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Despite the Tesla hype, going off grid is not that simple

The Tesla PowerWall announcement stimulated an exciting debate about how low cost batteries could create widespread defection from the electricity grid. Take it from someone who knows … alas, it’s not that simple!

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Energy ‘megashift’ coming to Australia – first stop, solar households

Australia's solar households will lead the battery storage boom in Australia, causing a 'megashift' in the local energy market, now and for the forseeable future.

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The off grid experience – and how it’s changed since 1992

This family quit the rat race more than two decades ago. They have used solar PV, a wind turbine, small hydro and battery storage to manage their power needs, with all the usual mod-cons.

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Commercial off-grid – coffee and cultivars in the Macedon Ranges

This nursery and cafe business is off-grid by necessity, but it’s a system designed to power a full commercial kitchen, including the most important appliance - the very best European coffee machine.

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Vector offers free solar + Tesla storage systems to NZ consumers

NZ network operator launches campaign to give away free 3kW solar systems with Tesla Powerwall batteries to 130 households, community groups and schools.

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Does your hybrid solar system really need to be blackout proof?

The holy grail of affordable on-grid energy storage has finally arrived! Well, it’s almost arrived.

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Snow and solar at 1280m – does it really work?

How effective is a standalone solar system in areas that experience snowfall? We asked Ed and Laurie, off-gridding Americans who live, and grow most of their own veggies, at 1280m above sea level.

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