Redflow to start selling home battery storage in March

Australian battery storage company Redflow says a plug and play residential model of its zinc bromine technology will be launched on the Australian market in just over a month.

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Sydney household becomes “mini power station” with solar + Powerwall + Grid Credits

Australia’s first household to add a Tesla Powerwall battery can this week begin buying and selling electricity on the market, after the addition of a world-leading software program by Canberra company, Reposit Power, effectively turning it into “a mini power station”.

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How to get the best value for money out of the coming home battery boom

Before jumping into the home battery market, make sure you do your research.

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Tesla Energy launches major hiring push in Australia as Powerwall sales take off

Tesla Energy has launched recruitment drive in Australia this week in an effort to get the company to scale to support soaring demand for its Powerwall battery.

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First Tesla Powerwall installations in homes to begin this week in Australia

First Tesla Powerwalls to be installed in Australian homes, as the US battery storage maker extends its network of fast-charging stations for its up-market EVs.

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Newtown student housing cooperative 1st to use solar and battery storage

A student housing complex in the Sydney suburb of Newtown has won a grant from the City of Sydney to install solar PV and battery storage, in what the council says is the first installation of its type in Australia.

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Memo Energex: Battery storage plus 44c FIT is a bonus, not a rip-off

Energex proposes to punish solar households that add battery storage. The network should be encouraging them.

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How to beat the Energex “solar stitch-up”: Take part of your home off grid

Major Queensland network wants solar households that install battery storage to lose their premium feed in tariffs. It’s the latest trick from utilities, but there is a way around it.

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A tale of two (Australian) microgrids

Microgrids will be a huge part of the world's future energy landscape, so we take a look at two different versions of the technology paving the way in Australia.

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First community owned retailer to begin operations after meeting funds target

Enova Community Energy is set to create history and take on the established electricity retailers after raising enough money to begin operations. It will offer solar and storage solutions and help the northern rivers community towards 100% renewable energy.

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