The 2020 solar household: independent, intelligent and efficient

SMA managing director Mark Twidell says the real solar revolution will arrive with smart management technology, allowing the average prosumer of the future to buy from the grid, sell their solar power, and manage their consumption.

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German village of Feldheim is now off grid for consumption

With the installation of a 10-megawatt battery, the village of Feldheim near Berlin is now truly independent of electricity from outside.

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Enphase chooses Australia for launch of plug’n’play AC battery unit

The first battery offering from Enphase has launched in Australia – a market the leading US tech company says could be first to achieve battery 'parity.'

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‘Poster girl’ for alternative lifestyle shares her off-grid story

Columnist and cartoonist Jill Redwood had to start over after the Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1983. She explains how she lives off grid with just a very small solar system of 1kW and battery storage.

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Why some customers could be better off with no solar feed in tariff

IPART says beware of retailers offering high solar tariffs - some customers might be better off going with retailer that offers no tariff because of other not-so-hidden charges.

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Preparing a private home and rental property for energy storage revolution

Leigh Adamson recently bought the house next door to create a rare half acre block in suburbia. He now has an alternative retirement income and is readying both homes for the oncoming energy storage revolution with small grid-connect solar systems.

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W.A. sees solar future, but battery storage and EVs are not allowed

W.A. energy minister Mike Nahan has done an about-face and predicted that solar will dominate the future. But the state owned utilities require solar households to sign contracts promising not to install battery storage or purchase electric vehicles.

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NSW slashes solar tariffs to push households into battery storage

The New South Wales pricing regulator has slashed the value of solar feed-in tariffs in the state in what appears to be a deliberate move to push consumers to adopt battery storage, and to lock in long-term deals with major retailers.

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Redflow’s Hackett: Battery storage as common as broadband within 10 years

Redflow chairman Simon Hackett says market for battery storage “running hot” and predicts they will be as common place as broadband within a decade. His goal is to deliver software to make flow batteries easy to use. And if utilities try to fight this with higher tariffs, good luck with that.

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Redflow to offer ‘plug and play’ home battery storage, after cutting costs by 50%

Redflow says it has cut costs of its zinc bromide flow batteries by 50%, will have 'plug n play' storage for homes by early 2016.

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