Rooftop solar to generate more than coal by 2040, saving billions

AEMO's Integrated System Plan says continued high uptake of rooftop solar and other demand-side resources could see distributed PV supply the national grid with more power than coal by 2040, and cut grid infrastructure costs by nearly $4bn.

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WA trial to use blockchain technology to deliver smart energy – and water

Blockchain technology by Perth-based Power Ledger to be used to coordinate solar, battery storage and water services in urban-scale trial.

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Let’s follow Malcolm Turnbull’s rooftop solar and storage lead, and keep the lights on

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is mighty proud of the upgraded rooftop solar array and battery storage system that he had installed in his Point Piper harbourside mansion in Sydney earlier this year. And rightly so – it's part of a vital new network resource that will help keep Australia's lights on.

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Australia set to add 1GW of rooftop solar in 2017 as grid prices leap

Two sets of research this past week have confirmed that a second rooftop solar boom is well underway in Australia, driven by the rapidly improving economics of PV panels and storage, and by the rapidly worsening state of retail electricity prices. The first, a survey whose results were published by Roy Morgan on Thursday, shows […]

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Should “invisible” rooftop PV be discouraged?

The boom of solar in Australia is great, but traditional PV systems are essentially invisible to our networks and our markets. And that's problematic.

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Rooftop solar to overtake coal capacity in Australia by 2030

AEMO says rooftop solar capacity to grow to as much as 25GW, overtaking coal capacity in next decade as big generators close and household and businesses invest billions in local generation.

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