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University of Queensland goes 100% renewable with 64MW solar farm

UQ becomes first major university to source 100% of power needs from its own renewable asset, joins growing list of Australian corporates turning to wind and solar.

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A 2GW solar farm – for farmers: India launches “world’s largest” solar park

India's newly inaugurated Pavagada Solar Park looks at farmers as key partners, and also key beneficiaries of the world-leading 2GW project.

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City of Fremantle set to build solar farm on landfill site

Fremantle City says it is proceeding with negotiations to install up to 2MW of solar on a former landfill site, as part of plan to be 100% renewable by 2025.

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Coal city Newcastle prepares tender for 5MW solar farm

Eight companies short-listed to tender for job to develop, operate 5MW solar farm on former landfill site at Newcastle.

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Telstra signs deal for 70MW solar farm to cap energy costs

Telstra signs deal for 70MW solar farm in Queensland to help manage energy costs. It is yet another sign that the corporate PPA market for wind and solar is finally taking off in Australia, and is the first move of the new Telstra Energy division.

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Lismore community solar farms set for construction as investors pile in

Australia's first community-funded council solar farms ready to build after enough money raised to fund the two 100kW Lismore projects – and an additional solar farm.

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Lismore Community Solar set to launch investment offer

Investment offer for first solar farms to be co-owned by local government and the community - two 100kW projects in Lismore - to be launched next week.

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Victoria’s ‘largest’ community solar farm proposed for Wangaratta

A proposal for what could be Victoria’s largest collaborative solar farm is set to be announced on Thursday in Wangaratta, at the council-owned site where it would be built.

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University of New England solar farm to halve grid electricity usage

UNE is building a 10,000 panel solar farm adjacent to its Armidale NSW campus that it says will provide up to half of its electricity needs and increase its financial sustainability.

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Australia’s largest community solar farm proposed for ACT

SolarShare is seeking approval from ACT govt to build a 1MW community-owned solar farm in Canberra's Maruja Valley, alongside a commercial PV plant.

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